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Matyas Parrag

PhD Title: Exploring the Heterogeneous Biogenesis Pathways of the Bacterial Cell Envelope

PhD Supervisor: Phill Stansfeld

About me:

I did my undergraduate degree at Warwick university in Mathematics(MMath). I primarily focused on Abstract Algebra, Topology and Number theory. I did however take all of the programming modules available to me, and so my masters project was a mixture of these two fields. For my masters project I wrote some code to compute quantities relating to an analogy between Arithmetic Number theory and Knot theory. I achieved a first class with honours in my degree. During my undergrad I competed in several Mathematics and Programming competitions (Including the International mathematics competition for university students).

My current research will be on interactions of membrane proteins and lipids in bacteria. More specifically, I will be aiming to create a method for identifying lipid binding sites on a protein quickly and efficiently given a PDB file. I will also be looking to investigate these binding sites, for instance looking at how lipids are involved in protein complex formation.