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Anson Lee

PhD title: When the dust settles: predicting deposition of particulate and aerosols
Supervisors: Prof. Duncan Lockerby, Prof. James Kermode


I studied Natural Sciences (BA and MSci), specialised in Physics, at the University of Cambridge from 2018 to 2022. During my masters year, I took classes on physics phenomena over different scales from particles and atoms to astrophysics, focussing particularly on describing macroscopic behaviour from atomistic perspectives. This led me to my current interest in modelling physical phenomena over multiple length and time-scales.

Specifically, my current interest is in modelling charged gas flows from a nanoscale source, requiring the Navier-Stokes model and Poisson's equation for ion flow in the continuum limit up to second-order effects from Brownian movement, as well as kinetic theory for rarefied gas dynamics in the low density limit of the flow.

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