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Students - Cohort 4

Chantal Baer

PhD Title: Hopping through the interfaces: a multiscale chemo-mechanic model for energy materials

PhD Supervisor: Lukasz Figiel

Fraser Birks

PhD Title: How amorphous carbon breaks: atomistic models and machine learning

PhD Supervisor: James Kermode

Laura Cairns

PhD Title: Machine learning and quantum theory of magnets for energy efficient and renewable energy technologies

PhD Supervisor: Julie Staunton

Sebastian Dooley

PhD Title: Fundamental physics or data science? Why not both: a data-driven modelling framework for interfacial microflows

PhD Supervisor: Radu Cimpeanu

Joseph Duque-Lopez

PhD Title: Data-driven modelling of irradiation induced defects in fusion materials

PhD Supervisor: Tom Hudson

Jacob Eller

PhD Title: Applying machine learning to understand photoprotection: how do triazine-based UV-filters really work?

PhD Supervisor: Nick Hine

Arielle Fitkin

PhD Title: Harnessing Molecular Simulations to advance Electronics and Photovoltaics: design rules for the selective deposition of metals by novel condensation techniques

PhD Supervisor: Gabriele Sosso

Vincent Fletcher

PhD Title: Complete thermodynamic description of alloys to extreme pressure and temperature

PhD Supervisor: Albert Bartok-Partay

Anson Lee

PhD Title: When the dust settles: predicting deposition of particulate and aerosols

PhD Supervisor: Duncan Lockerby

Yu Lei

PhD Title: Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Cryogenic Electron Ptychography For Bio-macromolecule Imaging

PhD Supervisor: Peng Wang

Hubert Naguszewski

PhD Title: Memory matters: Beyond Markovian models of rare event kinetics

PhD Supervisor: David Quigley

Mariia Radova

PhD Title: Optimising power grids and chemical reactions with graph neural networks

PhD Supervisor: Albert Bartok-Partay