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Students - Cohort 2

Omar Adesida

PhD Title: Next generation sampling of organic molecules

PhD Supervisor: Livia Bartok-Partay

Connor Allen

PhD Title: Step into the unknown: modelling titanium alloys at extreme conditions

PhD Supervisor: Albert Bartok-Partay

Iain Best

PhD Title: Uncertainty in phase diagram simulations with interatomic potentials

PhD Supervisor: James Kermode

Adam Fisher

PhD Title: Modelling the extraordinary strength of superalloys

PhD Supervisor: Peter Brommer

Joseph Gilkes

PhD Title: Predicting long-term materials ageing using reaction discovery and machine learning

PhD Supervisor: Scott Habershon

Peter Lewin-Jones

PhD Title: Computational Modelling of Leidenfrost Fractals

PhD Supervisor: James Sprittles

Tadashi Matsumoto

PhD Title: Adaptive probabilistic meshless methods for evolutionary systems

PhD Supervisor: Tim Sullivan

Charlotte Rogerson

PhD Title: Investigating the impact of equation of state uncertainties on direct-drive inertial fusion energy simulations

PhD Supervisor: Tom Goffrey

Lakshmi Shenoy

PhD Title: Atomistic modelling of fracture for irradiated materials

PhD Supervisor: James Kermode

Alisdair Soppitt

PhD Title: Statistics of porous media attributes and mixing processes state variables across scales

PhD Supervisor: Mohaddeseh Mousavi Nezhad

James M. Targett

PhD Title: Nanoscale material discovery for thermoelectric energy harvesting and cooling

PhD Supervisor: Hatef Sadeghi

Steven Tseng

PhD Title: It's all in the Structure: Transforming drug design by bringing together molecular simulations and machine learning

PhD Supervisor: Gabriele Sosso