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UK carrot growers face a number of challenges in growing the high quality produce required by the market. Pests and diseases such as carrot fly, nematodes and cavity spot cause blemishes resulting in loss of quality and produce.

Within the 'carrot' component of the VeGIN project we are proposing a programme that will support the development of sustainable production of carrot through underpinning R&D with the theme of “healthier roots through genetics”.


The Carrot component of VeGIN is led by Charlotte Allender.

The initial task in this is to develop a carrot diversity set for future use in assessing genetic variation for resistance to key pests and diseases. We will also initiate network activities to build links with industry and other researchers.

The project aims to deliver:

  • A carrot diversity set of half sib families and an S1 derived from germplasm managed by the UK Vegetable Genebank and other research lines
  • Preliminary phenotypic screening for traits such as seedling vigour and cavity spot resistance