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Mapping populations

The Brassica mapping populations described below are currently held at Warwick GRU.

Enquires relating to accession details and seed requests should be made to Graham Teakle.







Line info


Brassica oleracea BolTBDH* TO1000DH3 x Early Big Chinese kale x Calabrese DH Yes Yes 1
Brassica oleracea BolAGDH A12DHd x GDDH33 Chinese kale x Calabrese DH Yes^ Yes 2 & 3

Brassica oleracea BolAGSL A12DHd x GDDH33
substitution lines
Chinese kale x Calabrese

BILs Yes Yes 4 & 5
Brassica napus BnaTNDH** Tapidor x Ningyou 7 Winter Oilseed rape x
Semi winter Oilseed rape
DH Yes Yes 6 & 7

*The BolTBDH population is the reference mapping population for B. oleracea. The parental line TO1000DH3 is the
reference genome for the B. oleracea sequencing project [8].

^Seed for some accessions in this population are being bulked, therefore these accessions will not be available.

**This Oilseed rape mapping population is the reference population being used in the OREGIN project.


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DH = Doubled Haploid; BILs = Backcross Inbred Lines