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Brassica oleracea Diversity Fixed Foundation Set (BolDFFS)

The development of the BolDFFS was initiated with 376 founder accessions.
The collection is based on the EU GENRES core collection, with the addition of 25 fixed founder lines.
The 376 founder lines are divided into four subsets of 94 lines each, designated subsets 1-4, each subset corresponds to a microtitre plate with two control wells.
Brassica oleracea diversity - grown in the field at Wellesbourne
Each subset has been selected to represent diversity within species subtaxa and crop type, as well as variation in eco-geographic origin.
The diversity set is being fixed through the generation of doubled haploid lines and inbreeding. The fixed lines can then replicated in field trials across labs and environments.
We have found that single seed descent of many B. oleracea lines, or selfing fixed lines results in very low seed yield due to self incompatibility.

As many lines did not respond to microspore culture, and fixing by SSD is not practical, a pragmatic decision was made to generate a smaller, but still representative set of fixed lines to represent the DFFS, i.e. up to 188 lines.

For more information, see: Walley, P. G., Teakle, G. R., Moore, J. D., Allender, C. J., Pink, D. A. C, Buchanan-Wollaston, V., and Barker, G. (2012) Developing genetic resources for pre-breeding in Brassica oleracea: an overview of the UK perspective. Invited review, Journal of Plant Biotechnology, 30: 62-68(PDF Document).


Accession information and seed requests should be made to Graham Teakle.

Further information relating to seed.