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Lettuce mapping population

Saladin x Iceberg recombinant inbred population.

The Sal x Ice RIL population has been developed for trait analysis and genetic mapping.

There are >300 F6 lines, with a subset of 125 identified as being the most informative in terms of recombination events.

This population has been well characterised. There is an F7 linkage map and F8 seed available.


F7 linkage map

Map length = 1040 cM covering all 9 lettuce chromosomes.

The map has been anchored to the integrated lettuce map (Truco et al., 2007).

Four hundred and twenty five markers have been mapped.

We are now in the process of adding an additional 500 markers.

Saladin x Iceberg mapping population    

Enquires relating to accession details and seed requests should be made to Graham Teakle.

Reference: Truco, M. J. et al. (2007). A high-density, integrated genetic linkage map of lettuce (Lactuca spp.). Theorteical and Applied Genetics, 115(6): 735-46.