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Warwick Crop Centre UK Vegetable Genebank

UK Vegetable Genebank

What is the UK Vegetable Genebank?

The UK Vegetable Genebank (UKVGB) works to conserve genetic diversity in vegetable crops.

Vegetable crops are vital to diets that are both healthy and environmentally sustainable. Plant breeders need access to new sources of genetic variation to develop varieties that are able to meet present and future challenges.

The UKVGB collections contain approximately 14,000 samples of vegetable crop seed. This enables plant breeders and researchers to access the widest range of diversity possible.

Seed requests

The UKVGB collections are available to all organisations carrying out plant breeding, research, education, training and development.

About the collections

Our globally significant collections focus on root and leafy vegetables. These include carrots, onions, cabbages, cauliflowers and lettuce.

The collections include crop wild relatives and landraces (a variety that has become adapted to local conditions) which often hold a breadth of untapped genetic diversity.

Research projects

Our seed is sent to plant breeders and researchers all around the world who then work to identify useful traits which can be used to develop novel varieties.

Over 300 scientific studies have been published citing use of our collections.

We are involved in numerous projects and networks all seeking to conserve and use vegetable genetic diversity.

Meet the team

Meet some of the team who run the UKVGB.

UK Vegetable Genebank sign

About the UKVGB

Learn more about what we do and why seed conservation is important.