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The UK Vegetable Genebank

About us and what we do

  • Genetic diversity in crops is essential to ensure we all have access to nutritious food now and in the future
  • The UK Vegetable Genebank (UKVGB) manages a collection of approximately 14,000 samples of vegetable crops such as cauliflower, carrot, kale and onions which are essential for a balanced and healthy diet
  • Plant breeders, researchers and growers need to access new sources of genetic variation in order to develop and produce new crop varieties. New varieties need to have greater resilience to unfavourable environments, and a lower need for inputs such as water, fertilizer and pesticides - and they need to look and taste good
  • Our conservation work means that seed from wild species related to crops, farmer-developed landraces other varieties remain available for use. This enables plant breeders and researchers to access the widest range of diversity possible
cold_store_3_small.jpg Germinating seed
An unusual type of broccoli

Not all carrots are orange - this one has purple anthocyanin pigments