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Launch of Seeds - a podcast series

Seeds podcast banner

Seeds by No Stone Theatre

We are delighted to support the launch of this podcast series by No Stone Theatre as part of our 40th Anniversary Celebrations

First edition available from 7 October

Seeds, the Story

Seeds is a bold new dramatic narrative podcast that tells the incredible story of the world’s first seed bank and explores the current climate and biodiversity crisis.

The seed bank, established in St Petersburg in 1921 contained vital samples of crops and plants from all over the world to guard against famine and other catastrophes. During the terrible siege in WWII the brave staff protected the edible samples from rats, a starving population and each other.

Incredibly the samples survived but at the tragic cost of many of the researchers lives, all lost to starvation.

The story is told in two timelines, one set during the siege itself, and the second set today, as the Coronavirus pandemic takes hold of the city. The timelines weave together to examine our ability to sacrifice our present to preserve our future, and how we remember our past to makes sense of who we have become

First edition available on 7th October

Seeds, the people behind the production

Creative Team:

  • Nicholas Pitt – Director
  • Johanna Taylor – Producer
  • Nick Walker – Writer
  • Jo Ouin – Composer & Sound Designer


  • Nina Sosanya
  • Graeme Rose
  • Jordon Kemp
  • Katy Stephens
  • Kirsty Rider


Seeds has been kindly supported by Arts Council England