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Course Regulations (Core and Optional Modules) for MASt

The course requirement is to take 90 CATS of taught modules at the MA4 level (or equivalent) plus the 30 CAT research project.

Research Project

The research project (MA4K9) is worth 30 CATS, i.e. 25% of the final mark. Submission deadline is normally in the middle of the Easter vacation period. There will be an oral exam on the contents of the project early in Term 3.

You should choose a project in an area that interests you. It is your responsibility to find a supervisor and to agree on a project with them. The sooner you find a project supervisor the better; you will then be able to start background reading. Typically, you should be in contact with a supervisor well in advance of arriving at Warwick.

Please submit your Project Title here.

You can find more details here - regulations are the same as for the 4th year MMath Research Project.

Module Options

Standard module options can be found at the links below. Those wishing to take other modules should see the MASt Director of Studies.
Most modules are 15 CATS, which means taking 6 modules. However, note that some of the Physics modules only count as 7.5 CATS, i.e. half a module.

Note that modules vary from year to year. If a module is running in the current academic year, it is not guaranteed that they will run next year, or in future years, due to their highly specialised nature. Note also that not all statistics and physics modules are available for MASt students.


The regulations regarding Over-Catting can be found here.

Mathematics modules

Details of available mathematics modules can be found hereLink opens in a new window.

Physics modules

Details of available physics modules can be found hereLink opens in a new window.

Statistics modules

Details of available statistics modules can be found hereLink opens in a new window.