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Taught Modules for MSc Students

This page contains links to mathematics, mathematics-related and skills training modules and courses of possible interest to MSc and PhD students. For modules organised outside the Department you will/may need permission to attend. See your course regulations for requirements, and/or take advice from your supervisor or Director of MSc/PhD Studies. Please report broken or out-of-date links.

Many Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Mathematics PhD students will be required to take some modules during their first year (and to be assessed on them, by examination or otherwise). For students funded or partially funded by EPSRC this is likely to be a mandatory requirement.

MA4/5/6 modules: MA4xx modules are advanced (masters level) mathematical modules for fourth/final year MMath students and for MSc and first year PhD students (these are called List C modules on the linked page). There are also a small number of MA5yy modules (List D on the linked page): these are even more advanced examinable mathematics modules directed mostly at MSc or PhD students. On the same page a small number of MA6zz modules may be listed - these are usually non-examinable modules / courses / seminars suitable for PhD students. If you wish to be assessed on one of the MA6 modules you will have to discuss this with the organiser/lecturer (and it may not be possible).

Taught Course Centre (TCC): Warwick, together with Bath, Bristol, Imperial and Oxford, runs an EPSRC funded Taught Course Centre that puts on 20+ PhD level modules each year, using the video-conferencing facilities in B0.06. These courses (whether given in Warwick or elsewhere) can be assessed. Up-to-date timetable and links to module information are available from the web-page. [In term 1 the list of courses for term 2 may not be available on the TCC website.]

MASDOC (MSc modules): Mathematics and Statistics run a doctoral training centre (DTC) focussed on topics at the interfaces between Analysis, Computation, Probability and Statistics. The first year of this programme leads to an MSc and includes taught courses and other activities. Non-MASDOC students who wish to participate should consult the MASDOC Director of Studies.

CDT modules: Mathematics is primarily involved in two other Warwick interdisciplinary Centres for Doctoral Training - each of these teaches MSc level modules, some of which may be suitable and of interest. They are Mathematics for Real-World Systems (joint Maths / Systems Biology / WIDER ) and MAS (joint Chemistry / Maths / Biology etc). If you wish to take modules from these CDTs you will have to check that this is possible (both because timetables will not always match, and because you will also need permission from the relevant CDT Director of Studies).

Modules in other Departments: Mathematics MSc students can, with the agreement of the MSc Director, sometimes take modules from other Departments. Interdisciplinary Mathematics MSC students must take 25% of their modules from another department - see more information here. PhD students can attend such modules (with permission from the lecturer). Check individual Department websites.

Disclaimer: If you are a prospective graduate student, you should use the information in the Current Students pages as a guide to the range of modules the department offers and the requirements for obtaining a degree. However, we do not guarantee that any given lecture module will be offered in any future year, nor do we guarantee that the procedures will not vary from year to year.

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