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MSc Supervisors

Mathematics MSc Supervisors

When you arrive you will have a member of staff assigned to you as your provisional supervisor. The provisional supervisor will be chosen, as far as possible, to be close to your stated interests. Initially the role of this supervisor is to help you settle into the Warwick mathematics environment and to advise you on module selection. It is important that you meet with your provisional supervisor regularly.

The secondary role of the provisional supervisor is to help you in the selection of your dissertation topic and dissertation supervisor. You should discuss your interests with your provisional supervisor and they may offer you possible dissertation topics. You may, however, wish to write a dissertation on a different topic, perhaps as a result of new interests arising from your coursework or elsewhere. Feel free to discuss topics with other academic staff. Your provisional supervisor can help direct you to the appropriate staff members based on your interests. In general we expect dissertation supervisors to be confirmed in Term 2.

A list of permanent members of staff with their research interests can be found here.


Interdisciplinary Mathematics MSc Supervisors

Supervisors for Interdisciplinary Mathematics [MIR@W] MSc students have essentially the same roles as for mathematics MSc students except that, in addition, students get advice about modules and research areas in one or more outside departments. Initially, the MIR@W Director of Graduate Studies may give this advice.

Many members of the Mathematics Department are involved in interdisciplinary research and are qualified to supervise you in an interdisciplinary dissertation. Nevertheless, your supervisor or the MIR@W Director of Graduate Studies will normally request that a member of an outside department follow the progress of your dissertation to ensure that it has sufficient content in an outside subject.

You may wish to discuss dissertation topics with staff in outside departments. For example, you may talk with lecturers of modules you are taking in an outside department. If you do this you should inform your provisional mathematics supervisor and the MIR@W Director of Graduate Studies. They can give you further advice on contacts in outside departments which match your interests. A member of staff in an outside department may be your dissertation supervisor by mutual agreement. In this case, a member of Mathematics Department, often your provisional supervisor, will follow the progress of your dissertation to ensure that it will contain sufficient mathematical content and that it falls within the Mathematics Department's standards.