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Erasmus program

Information for incoming Erasmus / Exchange / Visiting students

Information for outgoing Warwick students is here. Department information re incoming Erasmus+ Traineeships or Internships is here. The rest of this page concerns undergraduate students wishing to come from a partner institution to study Mathematics in Warwick on an Erasmus+ / Exchange visit. The University web-pages for incoming students contain additional information.

Welcome to the Mathematics Department of the University of Warwick. We are pleased to accept suitable mathematics undergraduate Erasmus and Exchange students who wish to spend a year in Warwick. Usually there are around 15 here each year.

Visiting students are expected to register for at least 30 ECTS (= 60 CATS) of MA coded mathematics modules. Our mathematics modules and assessment methods are designed for students who are in Warwick for the whole academic year so we do NOT accept applications for part-year placements. In particular:

  • We have three 10-week terms per year (see link to the calendar below). Most teaching is done in term 1 and in term 2 and almost all exams take place in term 3 (after a period for self-study and revision).
  • It is not possible to arrange individual assessments for visiting students who are here for only part of the year.
  • The term in which some modules are taught changes from year to year, so it is not possible to guarantee in advance which modules will be taught in which terms.
  • Activities of both an academic and non-academic kind are organised on the basis that students will be in Warwick for the whole of the three terms, so to get the most out of your time in Warwick, you should plan to be here for the whole of each term.

Here is the list of courses offered in the mathematics department this year (these usually but not always have a module code MAnxx where MA means Maths, n is the year of study, and xx is the individual module code). Incoming students can usually attend any of the MA1-MA4 modules that are running in the year in question. We cannot guarantee access to modules run by other departments (including those run by the Statistics Department which have codes STnxx) though this is usually possible for any module which is a normal option for students on the Mathematics undergraduate degrees at Warwick. We cannot guarantee that there will not be timetable clashes between modules (particularly if they are from different years of study, or from different departments).

Please note that Erasmus, Exchange and Visiting students CANNOT take modules from the Financial Mathematics MSc (which is run jointly by the Warwick Business School, Mathematics and Statistics).

Here is the academic calendar. Here is further information such as the time and location of courses in Mathematics this year.