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Why Grenoble?

For me, Grenoble is the perfect place to spend a year abroad in France. Unlike Paris, it’s not a massive city but its size makes it easy to get around and you’re never too far away from the next party!

Although there isn’t loads to see in Grenoble itself, there are plenty of bars to keep you occupied in the evenings and its position in Europe makes it a good base for visiting other parts of France, and the rest of Europe. The town itself is very flat making it great for cycling, whilst the surrounding mountains provide some excellent walks. However, one of Grenoble’s greatest attractions is its proximity to the ski resorts in the Alpes, which can be easily reached for a day’s skiing.

The town and its surroundings are home to several scientific centres, attracting many international inhabitants. There is also a large international presence at the universities and the international student’s group is very active, making it very easy to meet people in a similar position to you.

View of Grenoble