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Key Websites

Key Websites

Here are just some websites to keep in mind or to take a look at: (whether you like it or not, there are so many groups to join and you’ll find out so many things). The groups I joined which can be useful for: information, getting invited to events or just asking people in Grenoble questions, were:

Rdv bar IntEGre 2010-2011 (this is a weekly bar/nightclub meet organised by Intègre on a tuesday night and a great way to meet people)

Grenoble Universités

Erasmus & International students Grenoble 2010 - 2011 : 1st semester

Erasmus Grenoble 2010/2011


UJF Grenoble

Third Year Abroad


And the friends I added were:

Adiij Grenoble

Etudiant Grenoble


Also check out the following websites: - As I mentioned at the start this is a good website with a lot of information and advice. - This is like foreign welcome association for all the Grenoble Universities. They organise a lot of integrating parties and trips. They also organise the perrin and tandem links and can also help with the CAF and they base themselves in the EVE building. Sign up for their weekly email to keep up to date with things. – Just a website with a bit more advice, I didn’t use it much as it was only just set up, but it’s worth a read and by the end of my year it could have got a lot more information. - as above if you’re a twitter fan - IMPORTANT WEBSITE FOR HOUSING! - The Joseph Fourier website. There is a English version, but it’s not always up to date so it’s better to stick to the French version. There’s a little information here and there but not much I haven’t already included. Still worth a read.

That's everything I have to share, so good luck for those of you going to Grenoble! You'll have the time of your life!