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Funding and Opportunities

Opportunities and funding that may appeal to Mathematics Students:

Warwick In Schools (WinS)

Previously the SAS scheme, this programme is open to students registered for EP304 Introduction to Secondary Maths Teaching.

WinS introduces students to teaching as a career by placing students in schools and providing training to prepare them for working with young people.

There is information on the very popular scheme at the website

Warwick In Africa


WinS students will be eligible to apply for a place on the Warwick in Africa Project in the summer. Previous years students have taught in schools in South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana over July and August every year. This is a project supported by Giving to Warwick that started over 10 years ago with a handful of Mathematics undergraduates going out to South Africa, the success of which has led to the scheme expanding to more countries with support fort African teachers as well as students.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! See the website for more background

Application information will be available in December, through the WinS Training Sessions.

The Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL)

The objective of the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning is to help shape teaching and learning across the University and disseminate, embed and raise the profile of new approaches and successful innovation. It aims to promote student engagement wherever possible. Its focus is

  • Academic literacy
  • Engagement with global culture
  • Interdisciplinary activity
  • Performance-based learning
  • Research-led teaching

IATL has funds for various activities, with deadlines throughout the year under their "Student as Producer" moniker including "Research Grants" and "Performance Grants" as well as money from their "Collaboration Fund" for joint projects between staff and students. Don't be put off by the names which suggest a theatrical bent, there have already been some successful Mathematics projects and there is another one taking place during the 2014/15 academic year.

More information on the funds can be found at

The Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS)


Every year we have a number of students on this scheme spending the summer working on a research project with a member of staff. It pays a modest bursary to allow students to spend their summer having a go at research and has proved very popular in the past. You will need to find a member of staff willing to supervise, sometimes staff members will take the initiative and actively advertise to students, other times it has been the student's initiative to find someone.

Departmental information on the scheme including departmental affiliation can be found here.
University information can be found here

Deadline for applications is usually around the 1st February.

The London Mathematical Society (LMS) Undergraduate Research Bursaries

This is an alternative national scheme to the above which is is more generous, but is more competitive and has a longer application form (to be completed by the member of staff concerned).

Deadline for applications is again usually early February every year.

More information can be found here 

Lord Rootes Memorial Fund

The Lord Rootes Memorial Fund is intended to encourage personal development by supporting challenging projects proposed by individual and groups of Warwick students, especially projects:

  • involving observation and the intelligent use of experience in the scientific, cultural, environmental or business context.
  • demonstrating creativity of thought and the development of an original and personal idea or objective.

More information at