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Lecture Theatre Locations

Many lecture room numbers are of the form letter(s) + digits, e.g. OC1.05. The letter indicates the building and the digit before the decimal point the floor, with 0 standing for the ground floor, so that OC1.05 is on the first floor of The Oculus (which is 3 on the map).

Note that many buildings have several "wings", for example the Zeeman building has A, B, C and D wings. This means that some room numbers may not be unique and you need to make sure you go to the correct building (in the Zeeman building typically A1.01, B1.01 and the three lecture theatres on the third floor are advertised without the MS in front of them). On Tabula timetables there is usually a pin icon which links to the correct map location.

campus map with buildings highlighted

Key Building Typical Lecture Rooms for Maths
1 Zeeman (MS) MS01, MS02, MS03, MS04, MS05, A1.01, B1.01, MS_B3.01, MS_B3.02 and MS_B3.03 (the latter we usually refer to as B3.01, B3.02 and B3.03)
2 Mathematical Sciences Building (MB) MB0.07, MB0.08
3 The Oculus (OC) OC0.01, OC0.03, OC1.05, OC1.07
4 Science Concourse (L) L3, L4 (or lecture theatre 4), L5 (or lecture theatre 5), PLT (Physics Lecture Theatre), B2.01-B2.05
5 Ramphal Building (R) R0.21
6 Library (LIB) LIB1, LIB2 also R0.41 and R0.39 (computer labs) are here and not in Ramphal. LIB2, R0.41 and R0.39 are accessed from an entrance external to the Library, near Cafe Library
7 Faculty of Arts (FAB) Seminar rooms spread over 6 floors
8 Social Sciences (S) S0.21, S1.41 (note this building also has a number of wings A, B, C, D, E and S)
9 Humanities (H) H0.51, H0.52, H0.02
10 Warwick Arts Centre Woods-Scawen
11 Engineering F1.05, F1.06 (again Engineering has several wings)
12 The Junction (JX) Used for examinations (Junction Halls 1 & 2)

GLT 1, GLT 2, GLT 3 are at Gibbet Hill with the entrance to GLT 1 on the second level via the atrium.

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