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Course Transfers

Note: All course transfers must be requested before 1st August in the summer before you would like to have transferred by the start of the next Academic year.

Transfers within the Mathematics Department

Transfer between courses while your home department is Mathematics (i.e. BSc. Maths all years, MMath all years, Maths/Business years one and two, Maths/Economics years one and two) is straightforward provided you have taken the necessary prerequisite modules. For example, transfer from Mathematics to Mathematics and Economics during the first year will require that you take EC106 or EC107.

Discuss it with your Personal Tutor and, when you are sure, initiate the course transfer on eVision. It will then be checked and approved (if you satisfy any requirements) by the department (ultimately by the Director of Undergraduate Studies).

Transfers out of the Mathematics Department

If you wish to transfer to a course outside of the Mathematics Department then you will need to talk to the department you wish to transfer to in person about their criteria and whether or not they are prepared to take you. You should also discuss this with your Personal Tutor, although the decision would not be up to us. Once they have accepted you, they will ask us to initiate the transfer. Note that for transfer into the second year of MORSE EC107 Economics I is an acceptable subsitute for EC106 Introduction to Quantitive Economics.

Transfers into the Mathematics Department - first years

Transfers into the first year of a Mathematics degree from a non-maths related course, whilst unusual, may be possible in exceptional circumstances. As a minimum you would be required to hold our entrance requirement.

Transfer from a joint degree (e.g. Discrete Maths, MORSE, Maths/Philosophy or Maths/Physics) to a degree within the Mathematics Department (e.g. Maths BSc. or the MMath) is not possible during the academic year except in exceptional circumstances (and even then a bare minimum you will have to have achieved our entrance qualification, but even this is not a guarantee of acceptance).

Transfers into the second year of the Mathematics Degree

If you wish to transfer to the Mathematics department once you have completed your first year, into year 2 of a Mathematics Degree, then you should contact the Mathematics Department (Director of Undergraduate Studies), but only after you have your end of year results in June/July. The Mathematics department will only accept high calibre students who have shown an ability to cope with the core maths modules, and even then only if there is room to take them on.

Note: due to another unprecedented number of students taken in as first years for 21/22 it is highly unlikely that we will accept any transfers in to the second year for 22/23 academic year.

For most years, as a minimum, to be considered for a transfer you must gain at least 80% overall (your end of year average) and over 70% in all of the following modules (although evidence of a higher standard in at least some of the modules would be required). Transfer is entirely at the discretion of the Director of Undergraduate Studies who will take other things into consideration (not limited to: number of maths modules considerably above 70%, whether there is room in the second year, comparison to other students requesting transfer):

MA106 Linear Algebra

MA113 Differential Equations A (or MA133 Differential Equations for Maths/Physics and Maths/Philosophy)

MA137 Mathematical Analysis

MA138 Sets and Numbers

MA134 Geometry and Motion (not Maths/Physics)

Note that you will know the final result of MA138 Sets and Numbers during Term 2, so if that result is less than 70% then you will not be able to transfer.

Acceptance would still be at the discretion of the Mathematics department, and fulfilling the above criteria would not be a guarantee of success.

Transfers into the Mathematics Department - second years

Transfer into the Mathematics department at the end of the second year would require the performance in the first and second years far in excess of the standards above whilst also fulfilling regulations for the second year of the MMath (with exception of the Second Year Essay, and potentially Mathematical Analysis III instead of Analysis III). Queries about transferring should be directed towards the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Mathematics Department.