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MA397 Consolidation

Lecturer: Andrew Brendon-Penn

Term(s): Term 1

Status for Mathematics students: Unusual option for third year maths students by invitation only. Not available to others

Commitment: Weekly meetings

Assessment: Wholly based upon the student's portfolio of written assignments, performance in two short tests, and his/her explanations in the tutorials. The tutorials themselves form an essential part of the assessment process.

Formal registration prerequisites: None

Assumed knowledge: None

Useful background: None

Synergies: Covers second year material useful for third year core modules.

Content: The tutor selects problems related to first year modules and to second year modules where the student's record indicates that further study is desirable. Each week, the student receive an assignment of written work to be handed in. At the following tutorial, the student and the tutor discuss the student's answers and related material.

Aims: To provide individual attention for students recommended by the Second Year Exam Board to improve prospects of a good honours degree.

Objectives: To improve upon your understanding of the material from the first two years, focusing primarily on the topics that you struggled with first time around.

Books: Recommendations will depend upon the individual. But, a comprehensive book list will be provided at the start of the course.

Additional Resources