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Warwick Mathematics Institute Vacancies

No Current Vacancies.

To apply and for further details, follow the link for the relevant post to see the full advert on the HR website and a link ("Apply Now" at the bottom of the job description) to the University's online application system. Unless otherwise stated, applicants should arrange for three referees to send letters of recommendation to the Departmental Secretary for Mathematics to this email address: before the closing date.

The post reference number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Note: Assistant Professor = Lecturer; Associate Professor = Senior Lecturer/Reader. Posts are indefinite (subject to a probationary period) unless otherwise stated.

The Department has an annual academic job round for a number of Assistant Professorships (Lectureships); available positions will be advertised when confirmed. Links to individual adverts for currently open positions can be found above.

We advertise several junior research positions (postdoc positions = research fellowships) each year. If you would like to work in the Department in such a position, please contact a member of staff in your research area. Some possible sources of funding are listed in the right hand column. See also general information, About the Institute, or contact the Department Secretary if you have particular questions.

Research Council (e.g. EPSRC), Royal Society and European Research Fellowships

If you would like to apply for a research fellowship to be held at Warwick, please contact us in plenty of time about the application.

There are several competitive Fellowship schemes to support talented researchers (some restricted to people who do not currently have a permanent UK position) for periods of 1-5 years. These are offered by the EPSRC, the Royal Society and by the EU/ERC. All provide a full salary plus support for travel, computing, etc; some, as described below, offer funding for a research team. The person who wishes to hold the Fellowship applies via a nominated host institution (which need not be their current home institution, and some schemes actively encourage or even demand mobility). Warwick has hosted many holders of such Fellowships. We welcome enquiries from anyone considering applying for such Fellowships nominating Warwick as the host institution. Please either contact a relevant member of the academic staff or email the Head of Department giving brief details of the planned application. We need to know well in advance for administrative reasons, but we can also offer help in deciding which scheme is right for you and navigating through the financial and eligibility regulations etc. There are other competitions for more senior fellowships suitable for researchers who already have a permanent position; please contact us if you would like to apply to hold one of these Fellowships in Warwick.

Open (and expected) calls (in a somewhat random order). For some calls the 2017/18 deadline has passed, but future calls can be expected in 2018/19.

Royal Society URFs (University Research Fellowships) (5 years funding) for researchers early / mid-stage career (3-8 years post-doc experience) who do not have a permanent position in the EEA (European Economic Area = EU+). Must be EEA citizens, or have an EEA connection (PhD or post-doc position held in the EEA). Deadline: September 2017

Marie Curie Individual Fellowships. No limit on post doc experience but mobility in terms of crossing a national boundary is essential. 2 year Fellowships. Contact a member of staff to sponsor and work with you on your application. Deadline for completed submissions: September 2017

ERC Advanced Grants: EU European Research Council (ERC). Up to 5 years of funding for researchers of any age and nationality and residing anywhere in the world at the time of application. Must have 10 year record of achievement at a senior level. Can include funding for a team of researchers (PhD students / postdocs). Deadline: August 2017

ERC Starting Grants: Up to 5 years of funding for researchers of any age and nationality with 2-7 years of postdoctoral research experience. Includes funding for a team of researchers (PhD students / postdocs). Extra funding for applicants moving from a non-EU country. Deadline: October 2017

EPSRC fellowships: Postdoctoral (for 3 years); Early Career (for 5 years) and Established Career (for 5 years). Research areas for applications need to fall into one of EPSRC's designated "priority areas" (see the section called "Areas in which fellowships are available" in the above link). There are no strict deadlines for applications (but applications are only considered twice a year) . Anyone wishing to apply to hold a Fellowship at Warwick (and who believes they might be eligible) should contact us. Currently effective deadlines are July (to reach the December panel) and December (to reach the June panel).

ERC Consolidator Grants: Up to 5 years of funding for researchers of any age and nationality with 8-12 years of postdoctoral research experience. Includes funding for a team of researchers (PhD students / postdocs). Extra funding for applicants moving from a non-EU country. Deadline: 15th February 2018

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships: 3 years funding for those with a UK degree (PhD at least submitted), and/or a temporary academic position in the UK, and no permanent post in the UK. Deadline: 1st March 2018

Newton International Fellowships (Royal Society link)(2 years funding plus follow-up money for 10 years) for junior researchers (PhD or 1-2 postdoc positions). Only for people who are not UK citizens and who are not working in the UK already. Early contact between applicants and Warwick before application is essential. Check the Royal Society link for applicantions in particular areas from particular countries. Deadline: 27th March 2018

Royal Society for the Exhibition of 1851, Research Fellowships (for 3 years). Must be within 3 years of completing a PhD. Deadline: 15th February 2018

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