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Professor Charlie Elliott



Charlie Elliott

Professor of Mathematics

Office: D2.04

Phone:+44 (0)24 7615 0773


Teaching Responsibilities 2019/20:
Terms 1+2: MA4K8 Maths-in-Action and MA4K9 Research Project

Term 2: MA4L9 Variational Analysis and Evolution Equations

MA4L8 Numerical Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs

Research Interests:
My research is centred around nonlinear partial differential equations and computational mathematics with applications(mathematical biology, material science, continuum mechanics, phase transitions etc) including numerical analysis and applied analysis. In particular, finite element methods, free boundary problems, geometric evolution equations and surface growth, two phase flow, cell motility, biomembranes and PDE optimisation.


Selected recent publications:
G. Dziuk and C. M. Elliott, A Fully discrete evolving surfacefinite element method. SIAM J. Num. Anal. 50/5 (2012) 2677-2694.

C.M. Elliott and T. Ranner, Finite element analysis for a coupled bulk-surface partial differential equation. IMA J. Num. Anal. 33/2 (2012) 377-402.

G. Dziuk and C. M. Elliott, L2 estimates for the evolving surface finite element method. Math. Comp. 82 (2013) 1-24.

K. P. Deckelnick, G. Dziuk, C. M. Elliott and C.-J. Heine, An h-narrow bandfinite element method for elliptic equations on implicit surfaces. IMA J. Num. Anal. 30 (2010) 351-376.