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Director of Undergraduate Studies Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

For most questions please make sure that before you ask me you have first:

If you could have got your answer from any of these sources then all I will do is direct you back towards them

My assignment for a core module was handed in 5 minutes late, can it be marked for credit?

No.This rule is not negotiable. Hand it in early next time.

Work that is missed for documented reasons (e.g. illness) can also not be later marked for credit, but if the Undergraduate Office is given the evidence (doctor's note etc.) a recalculation will be made at the end of term so that you are not disadvantaged.

Can you write a reference for me?

The short answer is probably no unless I know you well enough to write a reference, the long answer can be found here.

Can I transfer in to the Mathematics Department?

There is a page to explain why the answer is probably either no, or not until you have finished the year on your current course here.