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Study group: higher Hida and Coleman theory

Meetings: 12:00 on Thursdays in B3.01


  • 6/10/22: Introduction and motivation (David).
  • 13/10/22: Classical Hida and Coleman theory (Oscar). References: Chris's Benasque notes on Hida theory; Katz, p-adic properties of modular schemes and modular forms (from the Antwerp proceedings); Coleman, Classical and overconvergent modular forms.
  • 20/10/22: Nearly holomorphic modular forms and the unit-root splitting (Zeping). References: Urban, Nearly overconvergent modular forms; Darmon–Rotger, A p-adic Gross-Zagier formula for diagonal cycles [particularly sections 2.3 and 2.4].
  • 27/10/22: Hilbert and Siegel modular forms and Shimura varieties (Muhammad)
  • 3/11/22: Boxer–Pilloni's modular curve paper (Pak-Hin)
  • 10/11/22: Higher Hida theory for GSp(4) (Matteo). References: Pilloni, Higher coherent cohomology and p-adic modular forms of singular weights; Loeffler–Pilloni–Skinner–Zerbes, Higher Hida theory and p-adic L-functions for GSp(4).

Subsequent talks will be planned later in the term.