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David Loeffler: Research

My field of research is number theory. More specifically, I'm interested in the following (closely related) areas:

  • Special values of L-functions
  • Cohomology of Galois representations and Iwasawa theory
  • P-adic modular and automorphic forms
  • Computational methods for automorphic forms

Almost all of my research is carried out in collaboration with Sarah Livia Zerbes (and frequently with other collaborators as well). See also my publications page.

Euler systems notes

For an introduction to my research area, see the following lecture notes:

Sage and Magma scripts

Here is some Magma code (mostly by my collaborator Lassina Dembele) for calculating Hilbert modular forms of non-paritious weight over real quadratic fields.

Here is a Sage script for computing the Atkin-Lehner W_N operators on modular forms spaces.

Study groups

Notes for a talk on Bernstein–Zelevinsky derivatives for the 2021 London study group

In spring 2014, Alex Bartel and I organised a study group on Galois cohomology; see here.

In summer 2011 I organised a study group on p-adic rigid analytic geometry; see here.

Notes and other junk

Some of the computer programs I have written can be found here; but newer versions of many of these are incorporated in Sage.