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Abelian Varieties Reading Group

This is the webpage for the reading seminar on Abelian Varieties being held in Term 1, 23/24. HereLink opens in a new window is an introduction to the seminar.

Time and Location

Tuesdays at 4-5pm in Room D1.07

List of Speakers and Talks

Here is the current schedule for the reading group:

Week Speaker Subject Notes
3 Alvaro Gonzalez Hernandez The Rigidity Theorem, Line Bundles on Smooth Varieties and the definition of $\text{Pic}^{0}(A)$ for an Abelian Variety. Week 3 NotesLink opens in a new window
4 Daniel Marlowe The Theorem of the Cube, the Theorem of the Square and applications. Week 4 Notes
5 Katerina Santicola Isogenies, Finite Group Schemes and Quotients  
6 David Hubbard Constructing the Dual Abelian Variety  
7 Arshay Sheth Polarisations and the Weil Pairing  
8 Mayo Garcia Degree 0 Divisors on Curves and the Abel-Jacobi Map  
9 James Rawson Constructing the Jacobian Variety  
10 - -