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Mentor arrangements

Mentoring in the Mathematics Department

Within the Mathematics Department it is our standard practice to appoint a mentor for all new academic staff, whether they are lecturing staff or postdoctoral research assistants. In line with general university policy, the role of a mentor is ‘to draw on their experience and knowledge to advise and guide a less experienced person in order to enhance their performance or support their development’.

An academic position in the Mathematics Department involves many different activities: research, lecturing, interaction with project and PhD students, dealing with the UK exam system, etc. It is the responsibility of a mentor to be available to discuss and offer advice on all these areas, as well as general career development and possible training opportunities that are provided by the University’s Learning and Development Centre.

More formally, a regular meeting timetable is something to be agreed between the mentor and the new member of staff, but typically we expect short (30 minutes to one hour) mentoring meetings at least every two months, with more formal meetings involving another member of staff after six months and then annually.

With permanent members of staff there is also opportunity for further support at their Annual Review, which will usually be conducted by a different member of staff from their mentor.

[The university's page on mentoring is here.]

Staff and their mentors

David Bate - Roman Kotecky

Sam Chow - Samir Siksek

Radu Cimpeanu - Dwight Barkley & James Sprittles

Emanuele Dotto - Dmitriy Rumynin

Louise Dyson - Magnus Richardson

Jo Evans - Marie-Therese Wolfram

Susana Gomes - Florian Theil

Tobias Grafke - Charles Elliott

Adam Harper - John Cremona

Thomas Hudson - Filip Rindler

Chris Lazda - Gavin Brown

Chunyi Li - Christina Boehning

Hong Liu - Oleg Pikhurko

Joel Moreira - Richard Sharp

Simon Myerson - Samir Siksek

Martin Orr - Damiano Testa

Kat Rock - Magnus Richardson

Vedran Sohinger - Daniel Ueltschi

Tim Sullivan - Andreas Dedner

Adam Thomas - Marco Schlichting