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"Warwick Tour of Maths"

Expected contributions:

Stefan Adams

Keith Ball The "second law" of probability

Nigel Burroughs Data-driven modelling of mecahnical modesl from spatial time series biological data

Siri Chongchitnan An introduction to cosmology

Sam Chow

Radu Cimpeanu Modeeling through thick & thin: control-theoretical approaches for liquid film flows

Bertram During Kinetic models for socio-economic problems

Susana Gomes

Tobias Grafke Extreme events, large deviations, and the universal route to rogue waves

Derek Holt The Schreier-Sims alogorithm for finite permutation groups

Martin Lotz Average-case mathematics

Vadim Lozin Letter graphs and geometric grid classes of permutations

Shreyas Mandre Arches in the human foot

Simon Myerson From Diophantine equations to dispersive PDEs

Oleg Pikhurko Measurable combinatorics

Miles Reid

James Robinson Wirtinger's inequality and minimal periods for Lipschitz ODEs

Vedran Sohinger

Damiano Testa Using computers to do maths for us

Florian Theil Learning PDEs from data

Adam Thomas sl2 triples in simple Lie alegbras

Possible contributions:

Dwight Barkley

Christian Boehning The analogy between function fields and number fields

Ed Brambley Finite differences for oscillatory functions, with applications to acoustics simulations

Emanuele Dotto An overview of homotopy coherent algebra

Andras Mathe Hall's marriage theorem, circle squaring, and the Banach-Tarski paradox

Ian Melbourne The Lorenz attractor

Bjorn Stinner Computational methods for geometric equations

Nikos Zygouras