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Freddie Jensen

I am a third-year PhD student on the MathsCDT. I am interested in nonlinear acoustics in curved waveguides with zero mean flow; this has an application to musical instruments. My supervisor is Dr Ed Brambley.


Before coming to Warwick I obtained a BA (Mathematics, 2017-2020) + MSci (Astrophysics, 2020-2021) at the University of Cambridge. My master's project investigated the effects of black-hole binaries on counter-rotating accretion discs.


On my PhD topic, "Nonlinear Acoustics in a general 3D duct", I have delivered

  • a poster presentation at BAMC 2022, 11/04/22,
  • a talk at BAMC 2023, 03/04/23,
  • a talk at Warwick Mathematics' SPAAM Seminar, 23/11/23.

Teaching Duties:

  • 2021-22: MA269 Asymptotics and Integral Transforms (Teaching Assistant and Exam Marker).
  • 2022-23: MA269 Asymptotics and Integral Transforms (Exam Marker).
  • 2023: Co-supervised (with my PhD advisor) a URSS Summer Project on "Weak Non-Linear Sound in 2D Waveguides".
  • 2023-24: MA4L0 Advanced Topics in Fluids (Teaching Assistant); MA269 Asymptotics and Integral Transforms (Teaching Assistant); MA4J1 Continuum Mechanics (Teaching Assistant).


My email is freddie(dot)jensen(at)warwick(dot)ac(dot)uk.