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Lecture notes and exercises

14 January 2019 Lecture 1

Exercises in notes

Automorphisms of free groups, history, models for F_n, Whitehead's algorithm
28 January 2019 Lecture 2 Exercises in notes Models for Outer space O_n and general O_{n,s}: sphere complexes and graphs.
4 February 2019 Lecture 3 Exercises in notes Contractibility of sphere complex and O_{n,s}, definition of spine K_{n,s}
11 February 2019 Lecture 4 Exercises in notes Applications of spine to finite subgroups, cohomological finiteness properties
18 February 2019 Lecture 5 Exercises in notes rational Euler characteristic of A_{n,s}, Homotopy type of links in K_{n,s}
25 February 2019 Lecture 6 Exercises in notes Homotopy type of links in K_{n,s} (contd.), A_{n,s}= Automorphisms of K_{n,s}
4 March 2019 Lecture 7 Exercise in notes A_{n,s}= Automorphisms of K_{n,s} (contd.), more on Euler characteristic, asymptotic expansions
11 March 2019; Lecture 8 Exercise in notes
Comments on notes
Euler characteristic