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2:30-2:35 Marya Bazzi and Martin Lotz Introduction
2:35-3:00 Graham Cormode and Rebecca Silver Warwick and the Alan Turing Institute
  Activities and Centres  
3:05-3:30 Sebastian Vollmer Data Study Groups
3:30-3:55 Colm Connaughton Data Science for Social Good
3:55-4:10 David Quigley HPC for Data Science
  Research Projects  
4:30-5:05 Robert MacKay Machine learning, Dynamical Systems, AI Ethics, and Economic, Financial Data Analysis
5:10-5:35 Elena Kochkina Natural Language Processing for Rumour Verification in Social Media Conversations
5:35-6:00 Shuaib Choudhry Graph Hierarchy: A novel approach to network analysis