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Professor Tom Montenegro-Johnson

Tom Montenegro-Johnson

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Office: C2.17
Phone: +44 (0)24 76XX XXXX

Biography: I graduated with a BA in mathematics from St John’s College, Cambridge, in 2008, followed by a research-based Masters under the Supervision of Prof. Colm Caulfield in the BP Institute, Cambridge. In 2009 I began a PhD under the joint supervision of Profs. John Blake and Dave Smith at the University of Birmingham and graduated in 2013. After a year of postdoctoral work with Prof. Smith, I returned to Cambridge to join Prof. Eric Lauga’s group in DAMTP. In 2014 I was awarded a Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 research fellowship, and stayed in DAMTP another two years as a Research Fellow. In 2016, I got a lectureship at U. Birmingham, in 2019 I was promoted to senior lecturer, in 2021 to Readership, and I became a Professor in 2022. I moved to Warwick as a Professor of Applied Mathematics in 2023. I have received an EPSRC Bright Ideas Award, was Co-Investigator on a Horizon 2020 Future Emerging Technologies grant funded by the European Research Council, and in late 2019 was awarded a Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Award, (one of 13 awarded nationally every 3 years, across all academic disciplines excluding Medicine).

I became the Impact Lead for Birmingham Mathematics in 2017, holding the post until the eventual submission to REF 2020 (submitted in 2021 due to CoViD), authoring 2 out of 5 Impact Case Studies, and playing a significant role in the design of 2 others. I am currently involved in both the WMI Impact and Research Committees, as well as CAMaCS here at Warwick.

Research Interests:

Microbots Responsive Active Matter Haptics and Touch

CV: My CV (accurate as of 21/09/23) is available here.

Current active funding: I am the very grateful recipient of Leverhulme Research Leadership Award "Shape Transforming Active Matter", which runs from Dec 2020 - Dec 2026. For details of previous awards, see my CV.

Most relevant recent publications: Please see my Google Scholar page

Consultancy: In addition to technical consultancy in applied and industrial mathematics, I am available for REF Impact consultancy, and broader scientific consultancy for the entertainment industry. Please email me to discuss further.

Public Engagement: I love finding fun new ways to get maths across. I have a permanent exhibit in the Birmingham Science Museum (thinktank), have worked on installations with origami artist Coco Sato, and have worked as the scientific advisor on a movie currently in pre-production.

Image displaying pubic engagement activities

Group Alumni:


Panayiota Katsamba - now a managing coordinator at the Cyprus Institute

James Andrews - now an assistant professor at the School of Mathematics, U. Birmingham

Matthew Butler - now Clifford Fellow at UCL

Azar Shirazi - now Research Fellow at the Future Biomanufacturing Research Hub, U. Manchester

Amin Rahmat - now SMQB Fellow, U. Birmingham

Phd Students (completed)

Matthew Clowe - thesis title "Motility, Multicellularity, and Multiciliates"