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Prof Oleg Zaboronski

Picture of Oleg Zaboronski  

Oleg Zaboronski


Office: B2.22
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 2676
Email: O dot V dot Zaboronski at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching Responsibilities 2020/21:

Term 1: MA4F7 Brownian Motion

Term 2: MA131 Analysis II

Research Interests:
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of interacting particle systems, random matrices and integrable systems.

Reading seminar: Mathematical physics and probability



Arxiv'ed publications

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Selected publications by topic


Interacting particle systems

  • R. Tribe, S. Yip and O. Zaboronski, One dimensional annihilating and coalescing systems as extended Pfaffian point processes, Electronic Communications in Probability, vol. 7, p.1 (2012)
  • R. Tribe and O. Zaboronski, Pfaffian formulae for one-dimensional coalescing and annihilating systems, Electronic Journal of Probability, vol. 16, p.2080 (2011)
  • R. Munasinghe, R. Rajesh, R. Tribe, O. Zaboronski, Multi-Scaling of the n-point density function for coalescing Brownian motions, Communications in Mathematical Physics 268 (2006) 717-725


  • R. Tribe and O. Zaboronski, On the large time asymptotics of decaying Burgers turbulence, Comm. Math. Phys. 212, p. 415 (2000)

Random matrices

    • L.-L. Chau, O.Zaboronsky, On the structure of normal matrix model, Comm. Math. Phys. 196, p. 203 (1998).

    Mathematics of Quantum Field Theory


    • A. Schwarz, O. Zaboronsky, Supersymmetry and localization, Comm. Math. Phys. 183, p. 463 (1997)
    • M. Alexandrov, M. Kontsevich, A. Schwarz, O. Zaboronsky, The geometry of master equation and topological quantum field theory, Int. Jour. Mod. Phys. A12, No. 7, p. 1429 (1997)


      Book Chapters

       NESMT lecture notes

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      Research fellowships

      • Levrehulme research fellowship (01/10/2014-3-/09/2015)
      • Siglead Inc (Japan) Industry Fellowship (01/10/2009-30/09/2012)
      • Royal Society Industry Fellowship: New maximal likelihood decoding algorithms and their applications (01/10/2004-30/09/2008)
      • Royal Commission Industrial Fellowship: Robert Jackson (01/10/2002 - 30/09/2005)
      • Royal Commission Industrial Fellowship: Tom Parnell (01/10/2006 - 30/09/2009)
      • Royal Commission Industrial Fellowship: Oliver Hambrey (01/10/2010-30/09/2013)
      • LMS: Field Theoretic approach to Reaction-Diffussion Systems (19/04/2004 - 01/05/2004)

      For more information and further publications see Oleg Zaboronski's homepage or his Expertise Profile