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Ergodic Theory Network: Past Meetings

This is a list of past meetings of the Ergodic Theory Network.

Warwick University, 22 November 2023
2:00pm Terry Soo (UCL)

Independent, but not identically distributed coin flips

3:30pm Tim Austin (Warwick)

A dynamical proof of the Shmerkin--Wu theorem

4:45pm Henna Koivusalo (Bristol)

Shrinking targets on self-affine sets

Loughborough University, 13 July 2023
This meeting was originally advertised as Rhiannon Dougall (Durham) and Ian Melbourne (Warwick) each giving 2 hours of talks:
Rhiannon Dougall (Durham)
Proving a ratio limit theorem for random walks on groups using the variational principle
Ian Melbourne (Warwick)
Decay of correlations and statistical limit laws for geodesic flows on nonpositively curved surfaces
In the event, both speakers were unable to attend and deliver their talks. Instead, Richard Sharp (Warwick), Wael Bassoon (Loughborough) and Alexey Korepanov (Loughborough) gave impromptu talks.

Loughborough University, 24 May 2023
2:00pm Jerome Carrand (Sorbonne)
Equilibrium states and MME for Sinai billiard flow
3:00pm Richard Sharp (Warwick)
Periodic orbits and homology of knot complements
4:30pm: Gary Froyland (New South Wales)
Perturbation formulae for quenched random dynamics with applications to open systems and extreme value theory

Warwick University, 15 February 2023
2:00pm Péter Varjú (Cambridge)
Diophantine approximation in missing digit sets and Fourier \(l^1\) dimension
3:30pm Jungwon Lee (Warwick)
Euclidean algorithms are Gaussian over imaginary quadratic fields
4:45pm: Giovanni Forni (Maryland)
Scaling in parabolic dynamics and number theory

Queen Mary University of London, 19 January 2023
2:00pm Ben Krause (KCL)
Pointwise Ergodic Theory, Pre-COVID
3:30pm Demi Allen (Exeter)
Shrinking targets and recurrence
4:45pm: Radhakrishnan Nair (Liverpool)
On Good Universality and the Riemann Hypothesis

Manchester University, 26 October 2022
1:00pm Joel Moreira (Warwick)
Infinite Sumsets in sets with positive density
2:15pm Joe Thomas (Durham)
Quantum Unique Ergodicity for random bases on Cayley Graphs
3:45pm: Kevin Hare (Waterloo)
The Minkowski sum of linear Cantor sets

Bristol University, 21 September 2022
1:30pm Andrew Mitchell (Birmingham)
Measures arising from random substitutions
2:45pm Julia Slipantschuk (Warwick)
Resonances for rational Anosov maps on the torus
4:15pm: Felipe Ramirez (Wesleyan)
Independence inheritance and approximation of systems of linear forms

Exeter University, 15 June 2022
2:00pm Surabhi Desai (Exeter)
Dynamical Borel-Cantelli lemmas on general target sets
3:10pm Jamie Walton (Nottingham)
Substitutions over infinite alphabets and unique ergodicity
4:40pm: Jonathan Fraser (St Andrews)
An expanded Sullivan dictionary via dimension interpolation

Birmingham University, 25 May 2022
1:30pm Rhiannon Dougall (Durham)
Counting Limit Theorems for Anosov Representations
2:45pm Mike Whittaker (Glasgow)
Aperiodic tilings: from the Domino problem to an aperiodic monotile
4:15pm: Ian Melbourne (Warwick)
Local large deviations, and the infinite horizon Lorentz gas

Loughborough University, 16 February 2022
2:00pm Niloofar Kiamari (Loughborough)
Locating Ruelle-Pollicott Resonance
3:00pm Polina Vytnova (Warwick)
A new approach to computing Lyapunov exponents
4:30pm: Carlangelo Liverani (Rome)
Hyperbolic billiards

Online Meeting, 15 September 2021
2:00pm: Adam Śpiewak (Bar-Ilan)
Parameter dependent invariant measures for iterated function systems - dimension and absolute continuity
3:30pm: Natalia Jurga (St Andrews)
On the convergence rate of the chaos game

Online Meeting, 26 May 2021
2:00pm: Demi Allen (Bristol)
Dyadic approximation in the middle-third Cantor set
3:30pm: Çağrı Sert (Zurich)
Expanding measures: Random walks and rigidity on homogeneous spaces

Online Meeting, 24 February 2021
2:00pm: Julia Slipantschuk (QMUL)
Lagrange approximation of transfer operators
3:30pm: Jorge Freitas (Porto)
Enriched functional limit theorems for chaotic dynamics and heavy tailed observables

Online Meeting, 2 December 2020
2:00pm: Dan Thompson (Ohio State)
Stronger ergodic properties for equilibrium states in non-positive curvature
3:30pm: Reem Yassawi (Open University)
Tame or Wild Toeplitz Shifts

Online Meeting, 28 October 2020
2:00pm: Françoise Pène (Brest)
Applications of the asymptotic poissonity in time and space of visits to small sets
3:30pm: Donald Robertson (Manchester)
Ergodicity of skew-products over linearly recurrent interval exchange transformations

Online Meeting, 24 June 2020
2:00pm: Simon Baker (Birmingham)
Iterated function systems with super-exponentially close cylinders
3:15pm: Liviana Palmisano (Durham)
Attractors and their stability

Online Meeting, 6 May 2020
2:00pm: Han Yu (Cambridge)
Irrational rotations: Benford's law and beyond
3:15pm: Tomas Persson (Lund)

Queen Mary University of London, 20 November 2019
2:15pm Chris Good (Birmingham)
Shifts of finite type as fundamental objects in the theory of shadowing
3:30pm Polina Vytnova (Warwick)
Dimension of Bernoulli convolutions: computer assisted estimates
5:00pm: Mike Todd (St Andrews)
Escape of entropy

Birmingham University, 25 June 2019
1:40pm Christian Bick (Exeter)
Heteroclinic cycles and networks between relative equilibria on the torus
2:40pm Alex Clark (QMUL)
Approximating spaces and dynamical systems with simpler spaces and systems
4:05pm: Charlene Kalle (Leiden)
Frequency of zero in signed binary expansions
5:05pm: Piotr Oprocha (AGH University of Science and Technology)

On shadowing property and local dynamics

Loughborough University, 17 April 2019
2:00pm Anke Pohl (Bremen)
Automorphic functions twisted with non-expanding cusp monodromies, and dynamics
3:00pm: Henna Koivusalo (Vienna)
Mass transference principle: From balls to arbitrary shapes
4:30pm: Mark Pollicott (Warwick)

Volume entropy and equidistribution on translation surfaces

University of Manchester, 20 March 2019
1:30pm: Ai-Hua Fan (Picardie Jules Verne)
Growth rate of generalized Thue-Morse trigonometric polynomials
2:45pm: Natalia Jurga (Surrey)
Regularity of the affinity dimension for iterated function systems with positive matrices
4:15pm: De-Jun Feng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Dimension of attractors of nonlinear iterated function systems

Queen Mary University of London, 28 November 2018
2.15pm: Simon Baker (Warwick)
The complexity of the set of codings for self-similar sets
3:45pm: Ana Rodrigues (Exeter)
On the dynamics of Translated Cone Exchange Transformations
5:00pm: Jan Boronski (Ostrava)

Cantor set dynamics from inverse limits of graph covers

University of St Andrews, 14 June 2018
1:30pm: Rhiannon Dougall (Nantes)
Critical exponents for normal subgroups via a twisted Bowen-Margulis current
2:30pm: Thomas Jordan (Bristol)
Multifractal analysis for Lyapunov exponents of self-affine iterated function systems
4:00pm: Mark Demers (Fairfield)
A measure of maximal entropy for the finite horizon periodic Lorentz gas
University of Warwick, 26 March 2018
1:30pm: Barak Weiss (Tel Aviv)
Random walks on homogeneous spaces and diophantine approximation on fractals
2:45pm: Selim Ghazouani (Warwick)
Teichmuller dynamics and piecewise affine circle homemorphisms
4:15pm: John Smillie (Warwick)

The horocycle flow in Teichmuller dynamics

University of Bristol, 25 January 2018
1:30pm: Vasso Anagnostopoulou (Queen Mary)
Non-autonomous bifurcations in skew-product dynamical systems
2:30pm: Tom Kempton (Manchester)
On the Hausdorff dimension of Bernoulli convolutions
4:15pm: Boris Solomyak (Bar-Ilan)

Absolute continuity of non-homogeneous self-similar measures

Queen Mary University of London, 13 December 2017
1:00pm (joint with QMUL Probability & Applications Seminar): Dmitry Dolgopyat (Maryland)
Local Limit Theorem for Nonstationary Markov Chains
2:30pm: Dalia Terhesiu (Exeter)
The Pressure Function for Infinite Equilibrium Measures
4:00pm: Matteo Tanzi (Victoria)

Heterogeneously Coupled Maps. Coherent behaviour and reconstructing network from data

University of Manchester, 19 June 2017
1:15pm: Asaf Katz (Jerusalem)
Sparse equidistribution in unipotent flows
2:30pm: Liviana Palmisano (Bristol)
Foliations by rigidity classes
4:00pm: Marco Martens (Stony Brook)

Strange invariant measures in one-dimensional dynamics

University of Warwick, 20 April 2017
1:30pm: Vadim Kaloshin (Maryland)
On convex planar billiards, Birkhoff Conjecture and whispering galleries
2:45pm: Holly Krieger (Cambridge)
Height functions in complex dynamics
4:15pm Frederic Paulin (Orsay)

On the ergodic theory of group actions on trees

University of Loughborough, 20 January 2017
1:15pm: Stafano Galatolo (Pisa)
Computer aided results in ergodic theory and existence of noise induced order
2:20pm: Etienne le Masson (Bristol)
Quantum ergodicity and Benjamini-Schramm convergence of hyperbolic surfaces
3:45pm: Mark Pollicott (Warwick)

Validated numerics with periodic points: The dimension of $E_2$ to 100 decimal places

Queen Mary University of London, 7 December 2016
2:00pm: Trevor Clark (Imperial)
Renormalization of smooth maps of the interval
3:15pm: Xin Li (QMUL)
Continuous orbit equivalence
4:45pm: Wael Bahsoun (Loughborough)

Mixing rates and limit theorems for random intermittent maps

University of Warwick, 9 June 2016
1:30pm: Michael Bromberg (Bristol)
Bounded rational ergodicity for the cylinder map
2:45pm: Peyman Eslami (Warwick)
Coupling for piecewise expanding maps
4:15pm: Damien Thomine (Orsay)

Potential kernel, hitting probabilities and limit distributions

University of Bristol, 24 March 2016
1:30pm: Barbara Schapira (Rennes)
Unipotent flows on infinite volume hyperbolic manifolds
2:45pm: Jens Marklof (Bristol)
Spherical averages in the space of marked lattices
4:15pm: Amie Wilkinson (Chicago)

Geodesics on incomplete, negatively curved cusped surfaces

University of Leicester, 15 January 2016
1:30pm: Marcy Barge (Montana State)
Arithmetical coding and discrete spectrum for Pisot $\beta$
2:45pm: Michael Whittaker (Glasgow)
Fractal substitution tilings with applications to noncommutative geometry
4:15pm: Caroline Series (Warwick)

Continuous motions of limit sets

Queen Mary University of London, 21 October 2016
1:30pm: Ian Morris (Surrey)
A lower bound for the matrix pressure function, and applications
2:45pm: Yiwei Zhang (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago)
Ergodic optimization and prevalence
4:15pm: Laurent Vuillon (Université Savoie Mont Blanc)

Palindromic and anti-palindromic closures in symbolic dynamics: from the Thue-Morse sequence to Rauzy fractals

University of Bristol, 18 June 2015
1:30pm: Ilya Vinogradov (Bristol)
Directions in hyperbolic and Euclidean lattices
2:45pm: Pankaj Vishe (York)
Uniform bounds for Period integrals and sparse equidistribution
4:15pm: Dan Thompson (Ohio State)

Uniqueness of equilibrium states for geodesic flows in manifolds of nonpositive curvature

University of Manchester, 12 May 2015
1:30pm: Balázs Bárány (Warwick)
Ledrappier-Young formula for self-affine measures
2:30pm: Karma Dajani (Utrecht)
A dynamical approach to $N$-continued fraction expansions
4:00pm: Collin Bleak (St Andrews)

On automorphisms of the Higman groups $G_{n,r}$ and of the full one sided shift on $n$-letters

University of Warwick, 9 April 2015
1:30pm: Johannes Kautzsch (Bremen)
On the convergence to equilibrium of unbounded observables
2:45pm: Julia Slipantschuk (QMUL)
Spectral structure of transfer operators for expanding circle maps

4:15pm Benoit Saussol (Brest)
Poisson law for some non uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems

Queen Mary University of London, 3 December 2014
1:30pm: Jonathan Fraser (Manchester)
How to solve Falconer's distance problem using ergodic theory
2:45pm: Polina Vytnova (Imperial)
Kinematic fast dynamo problem for 2D maps

4:15pm: Jimmy Tseng (Bristol)
Simultaneous dense and nondense orbits

University of Manchester, 10 July 2014
1:15pm: Henna Koivusalo (York)
Cut-and-project sets bounded distance from lattices
2:30pm: Xiong Jin (Manchester)
Projections and slices of self-similar measures

4:00pm: Tom Ward (Durham)
Rigidity and flexibility in topological dynamics of group automorphisms

University of Warwick, 21 May 2014
1:30pm: Markus Fraczek (Warwick)
Zeros of the Selberg zeta function and involutions of Maass wave forms
2:45pm Gunther Cornelissen (Utrecht)
Graph reconstruction and noncommutative geometry

4:15pm: Bogdan Nica (Goettingen)
Boundaries of hyperbolic groups: dynamics and analysis from a noncommutative viewpoint

University of Bristol, 20 March 2014
1:45pm: Valerie Berthe (Paris)
Pisot dynamics and beyond
3:00pm Ana Rodrigues (Exeter)
Ergodicity of avalanche transformations

4:30pm - 5:30pm Alex Clark (Leicester)
Using dynamics of maps to classify spaces

University of Warwick, 9 January 2014
2:00pm Zemer Kosloff (Warwick)
A class of inhomogeneous Markov shifts without an absolutely continuous invariant measure
3:15pm: Nikita Sidorov (Manchester)
Open maps: from 1D to 2D

4:45pm: Dong Han Kim (Dongguk University)
Subword complexity and Sturmian colorings of regular trees

University of Loughborough, 20 November 2013
1:45pm: Romain Aimino (CPT, Marseille)
Recurrence statistics for the Rauzy-Veech-Zorich induction map and the Teichmuller flow on the space of translation surfaces
3:00pm: Viviane Baladi (ENS, Paris)
Natural boundary for the susceptibility function of generic piecewise expanding unimodal maps

4:30pm: Konstantin Khanin (Loughborough)
On rigidity for cyclic nonlinear interval exchange transformations

University of Bristol, 8 August 2013
1:45pm: Jimmy Tseng (Bristol)
Spiraling of lattice approximates and spherical averages of Siegel transforms
3:15pm: Terry Soo (Warwick)
Ergodic universality

4:30pm - 5:30pm Karoly Simon (Budapest)
Slices of generalized Sierpinski carpets

University of Leicester, 1 July 2013
1:15pm: Oscar Bandtlow (QMUL)
Spectral structure of transfer operators for analytic expanding circle maps
2:30pm: Richard Sharp (Warwick)
Higher Teichmüller theory, generalised lengths and thermodynamic formalism

4:00pm: Vaibhav Gadre (Warwick)
Word length statistics along random geodesics and the singularity of harmonic measures

University of Manchester, 13 May 2013
1:15pm: Nikita Sidorov (Manchester)
The doubling map with asymmetrical holes
2:30pm: Andrew Ferguson (Bristol)
Dimension of the projection and slice of dynamically defined sets

4:00pm: Norbert Peyerimhoff (Durham)
Some spectral applications of McMullen's Hausdorff dimension algorithm

University of Warwick, 25 January 2013
1:15pm: Sara Munday (Bristol)
The derivative of the $\alpha$-Farey-Minkowski function
2:30pm: Mark Holland (Exeter)
On extremes and recurrence for non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems

4:00pm Mikko Stenlund (Rome "Tor Vergata" and Helsinki)
Dispersing billiards with moving scatterers

Queen Mary University of London, 7 November 2012
1:30pm: Ian Morris (Surrey)
Unavoidable structures in positive-density subsets of Euclidean space; or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the weak-* topology on $L^\infty(\mathbb R^d)$
2:45pm: Kelly Yancey (Urbana-Champaign)
Rigidity in ergodic theory and topological dynamics

4:15pm: Anish Ghosh (UEA)
Bounded orbits for flows on homogeneous spaces

University of Bristol, 25 June 2012
2:00pm: Olga Lukina (Leicester)
Hierarchy of graph matchbox manifolds
3:30pm: Victor Beresnevich (York)
Badly approximable points with and without restrictions

5:00pm: Etienne Ghys (Lyon)
Hardy Lecture: Chirality in Dynamics

University of Surrey, 4 May 2012
1:15pm: Jon Aaronson (Tel Aviv)
IP-rigidity and eigenvalue groups
2:30pm: Alan Haynes (Bristol)
Equivalence relations on separated nets arising from toral flows

4:00pm: Francoise Pene (Brest)
Quantitative recurrence for the Lorentz process

University of Warwick, 9 January 2012
1:30pm: Corinna Ulcigrai (Bristol)
Time-changes of horocycle flows
2:40pm: Sebastian van Strien (Warwick)
TBA [There seems to be no record of the title of the talk]

4:00pm: Ya. G. Sinai (Princeton)
Several simple results from number theory

Queen Mary University of London, 2 November 2011
2:00pm Jon Aaronson (Tel Aviv)
Distributional limits in infinite ergodic theory
3:30pm Martin Rasmussen (Imperial)
An alternative approach to Sacker-Sell spectral theory

4:45pm: Alex Gorodnik (Bristol)
Quantitative ergodic theorems and Diophantine approximation

University of Bristol, 2 June 2011
1:45pm: Arnaldo Nogueira (Marseille)
Absorbing sets of homogeneous subtractive algorithms
3:00pm: Mark Demers (Fairfield)
Escape rates, entropy and Lyapunov exponents in dynamical systems with holes

4:30pm: Vadim Kaloshin (Maryland)
Hausdorff dimension of oscillatory motions for a three body problem

University of Manchester, 30 March 2011
2:00pm: Kenneth Falconer (St Andrews)
Self-affine fractals and multifractals
3:30pm: Pablo Shmerkin (Manchester)
Multifractal structure of Bernoulli convolutions

4:40pm - 5:40pm Thomas Jordan (Bristol)
Increasing digit sets for infinite iterated function systems

University of Surrey, 4 March 2011
1:15pm: Wael Bahsoun (Loughborough)
Metastability of Certain Intermittent Maps
2:30pm: Yves Guivarc'h (Rennes)
Renewal theorems for products of random matrices and application to stationary solutions of some stochastic recursions

4:00pm: Kit Nair (Liverpool)
Pointwise ergodic theorems and combinatorial number theory

University of Warwick, 1 February 2011
2:00pm: Richard Sharp (Manchester)
Spectral triples and Gibbs measures on Cantor sets
3:30pm: Caroline Series (Warwick)
An ergodic theorem for surface groups

4:40pm: Anders Karlsson (Geneva)
Discrete heat kernels and counting in Cayley graphs

Queen Mary University of London, 3 November 2010
1:30pm: Dalia Terhesiu (Surrey)
Operator renewal theory for infinite measure preserving systems
2:45pm: Tom Kempton (Warwick)

4:15pm: Frédéric Naud (Avignon)
Lower bounds for the Ruelle eigenvalue sequence

University of Bristol, 27 May 2010
1:30pm: Emmanuel Breuillard (Universite Paris-Sud 11)
Some applications of random matrix products
2:45pm: Tom Ward (East Anglia)
Uniform distribution of periodic points

4:15pm: Pablo Shmerkin (Manchester)
Thermodynamic formalism for the singular value function

University of Surrey, 7 May 2010
1:15pm: Renaud Leplaideur (Brest)
The Central Limit Theorem for Hausdorff dimension of Gibbs measures
2:30pm: Andrew Ferguson (Warwick)
Escape rates for Gibbs measures

4:00pm: Matt Nicol (Houston)
Extreme value theory for Sinai dispersing billiards and a class of piecewise hyperbolic diffeomorphisms

University of Liverpool, 17 February 2010
11:00am: Richard Sharp (Manchester)
Statistics, matrix groups and hyperbolic geometry
2:00pm: Dzmitry Badzihan (York)
The Schmidt Conjecture

3:30pm: Anish Ghosh (UEA)
Spectra and density

Queen Mary University of London, 4 November 2009
1:30pm: Charlene Kalle (Warwick)
Natural extensions and invariant measures for beta-transformations
2:45pm Mark Holland (Exeter)
Extreme events for non-uniformly hyperbolic systems

4:15pm: Krzysztof Fraczek (Torun)
On Markov quasi-similarity of Koopman operators

Queen Mary University of London, 22 June 2009
1:00pm: Karl Petersen (North Carolina)
Some Sturmian symbolic dynamics
2:15pm: Ian Morris (Warwick)
A rapidly-converging lower bound for the joint spectral radius via multiplicative ergodic theory
3:45pm: Nikita Sidorov (Manchester)
Beta-expansions and Bernoulli convolutions

5:00pm: Norbert Peyerimhoff (Durham)
The integrated density of states of Laplacians on the Kagome lattice

University of Surrey, 20 March 2009
1:15pm Cor Kraaikamp (Delft)
Metric properties of $\alpha$-Rosen fractions
2:30pm: Max Thaler (Salzburg)
On the iteration of the Perron-Frobenius operator of a class of interval maps preserving an infinite measure

4:00pm: Anish Ghosh (University of East Anglia)
A dynamical approach to some problems in Diophantine approximation

University of Warwick, 28 January 2009
1:00pm: Pablo Shmerkin (Manchester)
Average local entropies, convolutions of Cantor measures, and the dimension of projections
2:15pm: Dan Thompson (Warwick)
The irregular set for the beta shift carries full topological entropy ($= \log beta$)

4:00pm: Ian Melbourne (Surrey)
Weak invariance principle in the domain of attraction of a stable law for the intermittency map

Queen Mary University of London, 12 December 2008
1:15pm: Dalia Terhesiu (Surrey)
On Young towers with non-integrable return function
2:30pm: Mike Todd (Porto)
Smooth pressure and Lyapunov spectra for unimodal maps

4:00pm: Mark Pollicott (Warwick)
The accelerated Rauzy-Veech-Zorich map and transfer operators

University of Warwick, 28 July 2008
1:15pm: Ian Morris (Warwick)
Entropy for maximizing measures of generic functions
2:30pm: Thomas Jordan (Bristol)
Thermodynamic formalism for interval maps

4:00pm: Karoly Simon (Budapest)
Arithmetic difference of random Cantor sets

University of Bristol, 13 June 2008
1:15pm: Alex Gorodnik (Bristol)
Rigidity of actions on algebraic spaces
2:30pm: Shaun Bullett (Queen Mary)
Deformations of the modular group as a correspondence

4:00pm: John Smillie (Cornell)
Lattice surfaces

University of Surrey, 18 April 2008
1:15pm: Jens Marklof (Bristol)
Kinetic transport equations for the periodic Lorentz gas
2:30pm: Mike Todd (Porto)
Thermodynamic formalism for interval maps

4:00pm: Péter Bálint (Budapest)
On the mixing properties of hyperbolic billiards

Queen Mary University of London, 31 October 2007
1:15pm: Henk Bruin (Surrey)
Rarity of one-sided Bernoulli systems
2:30pm: Jason Levesley (York)
Towards Khintchine-type theorems on the Cantor set: a problem of Mahler's

4:00pm: Anne Broise-Alamichel (Orsay)
On the characteristic exponents of the Jacobi-Perron algorithm

University of Warwick, 18 June 2007
12:00pm: Pablo Shmerkin (Jyvaskyla, Finland)
Resonance between Cantor sets and measures
2:30pm: Anthony Manning (Warwick)
A map of the tetrahedron that describes the sequence of pedal triangles

4:00pm: Nikita Sidorov (Manchester)
Expansions in non-integer bases and dynamics

University of Liverpool, 25 April 2007
11:00pm: Helena Mihaljevic-Brandt (Liverpool)
Landing of dynamic rays of entire transcendental functions
2:00pm: Thomas Jordan (Warwick)
Hausdorff dimension for stationary measures and iteration function systems

4:00pm: Oscar Bandtlow (Queen Mary University of London)
A generalisation of the Ionescu - Tulcea - Marinescu ergodic theorem and its converse

University of Surrey, 2 February 2007
12:00pm: Jean-René Chazottes (École Polytechnique - CPHT)
Concentration inequalities for dynamical systems
2:30pm: Mark Pollicott (Warwick)

4:00pm: Jane Hawkins (Chapel Hill)
One-Dimensional Stochastic Cellular Automata

Queen Mary University of London, 1 November 2006
1.15pm: Ian Melbourne (Surrey)
Decay of correlations for the infinite horizon planar periodic Lorentz gas
2:30pm: Wael Bahsoun (Manchester)
Rigorous numerical approximation of escape rates

4:00pm: Tom Ward (East Anglia)
Growth in entropy rank one

Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 28 April 2006
1.30pm: Nikita Sidorov (Manchester)
Iterated function systems with overlaps: combinatorics and dynamics
2:30pm: Lars Olsen (St Andrews)
Multifractal analysis and fractal properties of (non-)normal numbers

4:00pm: Franco Vivaldi (QMUL)
Minimal modules of periodic orbits

University of Surrey, 27 January 2006
12.00pm: Andrew Török (Houston)
2:30pm: Evgeny Verbitskiy (Philips, Eindhoven)
Thermodynamic formalism for Fuzzy Gibbs measures

4:00pm: Carl Dettmann (Bristol)
Open circular billiards and the Riemann hypothesis

University of Warwick, 13 January 2006
1.00pm: Mark Holland (Surrey)
Mixing properties of Lorenz maps and flows 
2:30pm: Jon Aaronson (Tel Aviv)
Exchangeable and Gibbs measures for subshifts

16:00pm (Warwick Colloquium): Peter Cameron (Queen Mary)
The random graph and the Urysohn space

Queen Mary University of London, 2 November 2005
1.00pm: Mark Pollicott (Warwick)
Pair correlations for sequences
2:15pm: Ian Morris (Manchester)
Maximizing measures and positive Livsic theorems

3:45pm - 4:45pm Alex Clark (North Texas)
The role of size and shape in tilings

University of Warwick, 8 September
12.00pm: Henk Bruin (Surrey)
Monotonicity of topological entropy for multimodal polynomial families
2:30pm: Richard Sharp (Manchester)
Growth rates on covers of negatively curved manifolds

4:00pm: Carlangelo Liverani (Rome)
Statistical properties of almost product dynamics

University of Surrey, 16 May 2005
12.00pm: Xavier Bressaud (Marseilles)
Coupling and speed of decay of correlations
2:30pm: Mark Demers (Georgia Tech)
Markov extensions for some dynamical systems with holes

4:00pm: Bassam Fayad (Paris)
Toral translations and smooth ergodic theory

Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 18 February 2005
1:15pm: Marta Mazzocco (Manchester)
Algebraic solutions of the Painlevé equations
2:30pm: Ilya Goldsheid (QMUL)
Lyapunov exponents of products of random matrices: a more constructive approach

4:00pm: Norbert Peyerimhoff (Durham)
Spherical means on higher rank symmetric spaces

University of Warwick, 13 December 2004
12:00pm: Anthony Manning (Warwick)
Relating exponential growth in a manifold and its fundamental group
2:30pm: Oliver Jenkinson (QMUL)
An a priori bound on the rate of exponential mixing

4:00pm: Anders Oberg (Uppsala)
Uniqueness of g-measures

Queen Mary, University of London, 15 July 2004
1:00pm: Julien Bremont (Paris)
Contracting interval exchange transformations and maximizing measures
2:15pm: Thomas Jordan (Manchester)
Fat Sierpinski carpets

3:45pm: Alex Eskin (Chicago)
Billiards in some rational triangles

University of Liverpool, 5 May 2004
2:15pm: Gavin Band (Liverpool)
Realising pseudo-Anosov hyperbolic toral automorphisms

3:30pm: Mark Holland (Surrey)
Non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamics and stable manifolds

University of Surrey, 26 March 2004
11:45am: Oscar Bandtlow (Nottingham)
Computing spectral data of transfer operators
2:30pm: Michael Field (Houston)
Stability of rapid mixing for hyperbolic flows

4:00pm: Sebastian Gouezel (Paris)
Decay of correlations for nonuniformly expanding maps

University of Manchester, 26 November 2003
2:30pm: Matthew Nicol (Surrey)
Livsic Theorems for Nonuniformly Hyperbolic Systems

4:00pm: Jens Marklof (Bristol)
The Distribution of Error Terms in Counting Problems

Queen Mary, University of London, 12 June 2003
12:00pm: Richard Sharp (Manchester)
Pair correlations for closed geodesics
2:30pm: Karoly Simon (Budapest Technical University)
Hausdorff dimension and Hausdorff measure for some hyperbolic attractors in space

4:00pm: Ilya Goldsheid (Queen Mary, University of London)
Rigidity in random walks and random environments

University of Liverpool, 7 May 2003
2:30pm: Adam Epstein (Warwick)
Ray-equivalence classes for matings of quadratic polynomials

4:00pm: Oscar Bandtlow (Queen Mary, University of London)
Eigenvalue asymptotics of Ruelle transfer operators

University of Manchester, 5 March 2003
2:30pm: Oliver Jenkinson (Queen Mary, University of London)
Ergodic optimization

4:00pm: Gwyneth Stallard (Open University)
Dimensions of Julia Sets

University of Manchester, 13 November 2002
1:30pm (Applied Mathematics Seminar): Ian Melbourne (Surrey)
A new test for chaos in deterministic nonlinear dynamical systems
3.00pm: Alistair Windsor (Manchester)
A Weak Mixing Dichotomy for Special Flows

4.30pm: Omri Sarig (Warwick)
Cohomological equations for non-Markov maps and stochastic properties of beta expansions

Queen Mary, University of London, 19 July 2002
11.45am: Keith Burns (Northwestern)
Stable ergodicity for skew products and time-one maps of frame flows
2.45pm: Charles Walkden (Manchester)
Statistical properties for iterated maps that contract on average

4.15pm: Matt Nicol (Surrey)
Statistical properties of endomorphisms and compact group extensions

University of Liverpool, 24 April 2002
2.15pm: Pieter Collins (Liverpool)
Entropy-minimising orbits relative to homoclinic point

3.45pm: Kostya Khanin (Herriot-Watt and Cambridge)
Rigidity of circle maps

University of Manchester, 27 February 2002
2.30pm: Nikita Sidorov (UMIST)
The combinatorics of beta-expansions

4.00pm: Simon Kristensen (York)
Central limit theorems and invariance principles in ergodic systems

University of Manchester, 21 November 2001
2.30pm: Matt Nicol (Surrey)
Statistics of compact group extensions of hyperbolic systems

4.00pm: Gabriel Paternain (Cambridge)
Genericity of positive entropy for geodesic flows on the 2-sphere

Queen Mary, University of London, 14 June 2001
11.30am: Carlangelo Liverani (IHES / Roma Tor Vergata)
Ruelle-Perron-Frobenius spectrum for Anosov maps
2.30pm: Mark Pollicott (Manchester)
Ergodic properties of linear actions of $2 \times 2$ matrices on the plane

4.00pm: Warwick Tucker (Cornell)
The Lorenz attractor exists

University of Liverpool, 4 April 2001
2.00pm: Yash Puri (UEA)
Arithmetic of numbers of periodic points

3.30pm: Frederic Paccaut (Imperial)
Some piecewise invertible systems

University of Manchester, 6 November 2000
2.00pm: Guillaume Havard (Warwick)
Thermodynamic formalism and variations of the Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets of quadratic polynomials
3.15pm: Frederic Paccaut (Imperial)
Statistical properties of piecewise invertible maps [Cancelled due to train cancellations, flooding, etc.]

4.45pm: Matt Nicol (Surrey)
Topologically transitive euclidean group extensions

Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, 6 June 2000
11.30am: Renato Iturriaga (Newton Institute)
Mane's critical values as energy levels
2.30pm: Mariusz Urbanski (North Texas)
Hausdorff dimension of harmonic measure for self-conformal sets

4.00pm: Tom Ward (East Anglia)
Adelic amoebas and subdynamics

University of Manchester, 17 May 2000
11.30am: Pieter Collins (Liverpool)
Symbolic dynamics and entropy of homoclinic tangles
2.30pm: David Hardcastle (Heriot-Watt)
Multidimensional continued fractions

4.00pm: Zaqueu Coelho (Nottingham Trent)
Random times for rotations and associated maps

University of Manchester, 22 November 1999
11.30am: Charles Walkden (Manchester)
Invariant graphs
2.30pm: Oliver Jenkinson (IHES)
Entropy of rotation sets

4.00pm: Matt Nicol (Surrey)
Some results on stable ergodicity

UMIST, 30 June 1999
11.00am: Mark Pollicott (Manchester)
Ergodicity of frame flows
1.30pm: Zainab Kazim (Manchester)
The Box and Hausdorff dimension of General Monotone Sets

3.00pm: Klaus Schmidt (Vienna and ESI)
Isomorphism rigidity of irreducible $\mathbb Z^d$ actions

Nottingham Trent University, 28 April 1999
Richard Sharp (Manchester)
Closed geodesics and periods of automorphic forms
Tan Lei (Warwick)
Orbits correspondence in parabolic implosion
Mark Shereshevsky (Nizhny Novgorod)
An application of covering spaces to cellular automata

[No times are recorded.]

University of Liverpool, 24 February 1999
2.00pm: Dr. S.R. Bullett (QMW)
Mating polynomial maps with Kleinian groups

3.45pm: Dr. S.L. Velani (QMW)
On a problem in simultaneous Diophantine approximation

University of Manchester, 25 November 1998
2.30pm: Gwyneth Stallard (Open University)
Families of Baker domains

4.00pm: Nikita Sidorov (UMIST)
Ergodic properties of Erdos measures for the Pisot case and applications

University of Manchester, 6 August 1998
11:00am (Pure Mathematics Seminar): Andrej Zuk (ENS-Lyon)
Property (T) and Kazhdan constants for discrete groups
2.00pm: Charles Walkden (Manchester)
Nilmanifold skew products with hyperbolic base

4.00pm: Keith Burns (Northwestern)
Stable ergodicity of skew-products

This series of meetings began in 1996 but records of the early meetings are lost in the mists of time.