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Hidden Symmetries and Fusion Energy

A collaboration between the USA, Germany, Switzerland and Australia funded by the Simons Foundation to optimise the design of stellarators, a class of magnetic confinement devices for fusion plasmas.

The Warwick team (MacKay, Robinson, Rodrigo) is active in two strands of the project:

1. Single particle motion in magnetic fields without axisymmetry

2. Magnetohydrodynamic equilibria without axisymmetry

There are opportunities to join the team as:

Postdocs: one 2-year appointment in Nonlinear dynamics from September or October 2018 (with visits to Jim Meiss in Boulder Colorado), one 2-year appointment in partial differential equation theory from September 2020 (with visits to Peter Constantin in Princeton)

PhD students: one 4-year studentship in Nonlinear dynamics and one 4-year studentship in Partial differential equation theory, from September 2018