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Mattia Sanna

I have just completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. John Cremona. I am mainly interested in Galois representations from both computational and theoretic point of view.

PhD Project: On the equivalence of 3-adic Galois representations. (currently under examination) - The project is focused on two dimensional Galois representation with values in \mathrm{GL}_2(\mathbb{Q}_3). The theory and the methods developed leads to a fully implemented 3-adic version of the classic 2-adic Faltings-Serre method. It presents also an application to the recent results in modularity lifting.



I have co-organised the following events


  • Determining 2-dimensional \mathbb{F}_3-Galois representations. (In preparation).
  • An effective 3-adic Faltings-Serre Method. (In preparation).

TA and Support Classes.