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Professor Sergey Nazarenko

On leave term 2 2017/18

Picture of Sergey Nazarenko


Sergey Nazarenko

Professor of Mathematics
 Office: B1.29
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 8325
Email: S dot V dot Nazarenko at warwick dot ac dot uk

Teaching Responsibilities 2017/18:
Term 1: MA244 Analysis III (Maths)

Research Interests: Turbulence; vortex and wave dynamics; Navier-Stokes; MHD and NLS equations; plasma; superfluids


Selected recent publications:

Statistics of surface gravity wave turbulence in the space and time domains (S. Nazarenko, S. Lukaschuk, S. McLelland and P. Denissenko) JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 642 (2010), 395-420 (November 2008).

Critical balance in magnetohydrodynamic, rotating and stratified turbulence: towards a universal scaling conjecture (Nazarenko Sergei V.; Schekochihin Alexander A.) JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 677, 134-153 (April 2009).

Triple Cascade Behavior in Quasigeostrophic and Drift Turbulence and Generation of Zonal Jets (Nazarenko S, Quinn B) PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 103(11) Article Number: 118501 (2009).

Modulational instability of Rossby and drift waves and generation of zonal jets (Connaughton CP, Nadiga BT, Nazarenko SV, Quinn B) JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, 654, 207-231 (2010).


Research grants:

EPSRC Warwick Symposium on Turbulence (with Barkley,Kerr,Zabronski) (15.08.2005 - 14.08.2008)

For more information and futher publications see Sergey Nazarenko's homepage or his Expertise Profile