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MA4H3 Interacting Particle Systems

Term 2, 2008/09

Lecturer: Stefan Grosskinsky

Lectures: Tue 3-4 in MS.03, Wed 1-2 in D1.07 and Thu 4-5 in B3.03

Revision class

Please contact me by email so that we can arrange something!

Current suggestion: Wednesday, May 6th at 11am in D1.13, second meeting Wednesday, May 27th at 10am in D1.13

Exam: Saturday, May 30th at 9:30 in Westwood Games Hall


Changes in the timetable

  • no lectures next week (17. to 19. Feb), will be replaced the week after by classes
  • small change in lecture times from 21.01. (see above)
  • Mon 2nd Feb and Tue 3rd Feb: MIR@W Day Aggregation, condensation and coagulation in particle systems
    This fits exactly with the topics of the module and you are very welcome to attend. No lectures on Tuesday.
  • Tue 17th to Thu 19th no lecture (we will arrange alternative dates closer to the time)

Suggested Literature

  • T.M. Liggett: Stochastic Interacting Systems, Springer (1999)
  • H. Spohn: Large Scale Dynamics of Interacting Particles, Springer (1991)
  • T.M. Liggett: Interacting Particle Systems - An Introduction, ICTP Lecture Notes 17 (2004),
  • L. Bertini et al: Stochastic interacting particle systems out of equilibrium, J. Stat. Mech. (2007) P07014,