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MA5Q3 Topics in Complexity Science

Lecturer: Francisco Rodrigues

Topic: Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks (see here for draft syllabus).

All lecture materials can be found here.

Due to late arrival of the lecturer the schedule is compacted to weeks 6-10 of term 2 with some introductory skype sessions and a reading list published in weeks 1-5.

Lectures: weeks 1-5: Tuesday 4-5 in D1.07 intro sessions via skype

weeks 6-10: Tuesday 3-5 in B1.12, Thursday 11-1 in B1.12hours in weeks 1-10 of term 2

First lecture: Tuesday 9.1.2018, 4pm in D1.07

Assessment. The module is assessed 100% by essay which is due beginning of term 3, topics and specifications will be arranged with the lecturer.