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MA5Q3 Topics in Complexity Science

Lecturer: Francisco Rodrigues

Topic: Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks (see here for draft syllabus).

All lecture materials can be found here.

Due to late arrival of the lecturer the schedule is compacted to weeks 6-10 of term 2 with some introductory skype sessions and a reading list published in weeks 1-5.

Lectures: weeks 1-5: Tuesday 4-5 in D1.07 intro sessions via skype

weeks 6-10: Tuesday 3-5 in B1.12, Thursday 11-1 in B1.12hours in weeks 1-10 of term 2

First lecture: Tuesday 9.1.2018, 4pm in D1.07

Assessment. The module is assessed 100% by essay which is due beginning of term 3, topics and specifications will be arranged with the lecturer.

The deadline to submit the essay is Monday, May14. Please see here for further details.