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Lorenzo Toniazzi

Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Prof V. Kolokoltsov and Dr R. Tribe (3rd year) (CV).

email: l dot toniazzi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Research interests:

Fractional PDEs and stochastic jump processes, focusing on wellposedness and stochastic representation for solutions of time-fractional evolution equations.


- Hernández-Hernández, M.E., Kolokoltsov, V.N., Toniazzi, L.. Generalised fractional evolution equations of Caputo type. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 2017, 102 . pp. 184-196. arXiv link.

- Toniazzi L.. Stochastic solutions for space-time fractional evolution equations on bounded domain. Submitted Mar 2018. arXiv link.

- Du Q., Toniazzi L., Zhou Z.. Stochastic solutions for time-nonlocal evolution equations. (To be submitted soon).

Tutoring: Applications from undergraduate students looking for a project are welcomed. Possible topics: fractional calculus, differential equations and stochastic jump processes, random walks in random environments.