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Stochastic Evolutions: Theory, Simulation, and Computation (SETSAC)

The SETSAC network (Stochastic Evolutions: Theory, Simulation, and Computation) consists of a loose grouping of researchers with intersecting interests from several Universities situated in or nearby the Midlands area of England. There is some emphasis on stochastic partial differential equations and their applications, but the title is also applied more liberally to include researchers in more general stochastic evolutions and related areas of stochastic analysis.

The aim of the network is to promote research in these areas by encouraging interaction between the different groups involved and between them and other groups in the UK, the EU and elsewhere. This is done by seminars, including the East Midlands Stochastic Analysis Seminar, funded by the LMS; by involvement in conferences, and in bids for European Networks; and by the spread of information about events and publications via this website. For further information including the possibility of joining this network contact:

Members from the following Universities and Departments. Thier names and relevant research interests can be found by clicking on the links below:

Participating Groups: