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Centres and Programmes

The Mathematics Institute is home to an impressive number of research centres and programmes which include several substantial interdisciplinary programmes as well as joint activities with other groups within the University.

Centre for Applications of the Mathematical SciencesLink opens in a new window (CAMS)

The Centre for Applications of the Mathematical Sciences is new initiative whose purpose is to maximise the benefit to society of Warwick’s already world-leading research in the Mathematical Sciences.

Mathematics Research Centre (MRC)
Established in 1965 by Christopher Zeeman as a focus for the research activities of the Mathematics Institute, the MRC has seen thousands of visitors and countless Symposia, Workshops and Conferences.
Mathematics Interdisciplinary Research (MIRaW)
MIR@W is a unique enterprise bringing together the Mathematics Institute with departments in science, engineering, business and social sciences to promote and coordinate mathematical interdisciplinary research in one of Britain's most highly-rated research universities.
Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC)

The Mathematics Department has been an enthusiastic supporter of the establishment and development of the CSC and an active participant in its programmes. Mathematics and the CSC have made two joint appointments to date.

Complexity Complex
The science of complex systems is providing radical new ways of understanding the physical, biological, ecological, and social universe. This forms part of a cross-faculty Warwick Complexity Complex.
Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP)

The goal of DIMAP is to establish a strong multidisciplinary research centre supporting an internationally competitive programme of research in discrete modelling, algorithmic analysis, and combinatorial (discrete) optimisation. The Centre is a collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and the Operational Research and Management Sciences group of the Warwick Business School.


The Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology & Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research (SBIDER) specialises in bringing sophisticated mathematics to challenges in biological sciences. Our research spans from the theoretical to practical policy advice, and from the genome to the population. We are a team of around 20 staff from across campus with individuals based in Maths, Stats, Computer Science, Life Sciences and Medicine. At the core of our research is a desire to better understand and predict the biological world, often with the ultimate goal of controlling disease.


MASDOC is a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Mathematics and Statistics, and is run jointly between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics at Warwick.

Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells (MOAC)

A new multi-disciplinary Doctoral Training Centre funded by the Life Sciences Interface of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in October 2003.

Stochastic Evolutions: Theory, Simulation, and Computation (SETSAC)

A joint Mathematics and Statistics research group studying stochastic evolution.

Algebraic Geometry
Applied and Computational Mathematics

The research group in Applied and Computational Mathematics is very active with interests spanning a range of exciting areas.

Dynamical Systems

The Mathematics Department at Warwick has a strong research group in dynamical systems. Current interests are 1-dimensional real and complex dynamics, ergodic theory, bifurcation theory, smooth dynamical systems, dynamics applied to physical systems and biology, dynamics and computation.

Fluid Dynamics Research Centre

This is a joint venture between Engineering and Mathematics. This Centre also organizes weekly Fluid Dynamics seminars.

Hyperbolic Geometry

The Hyperbolic Geometry group has developed over many years and at any one time includes several research students, postdocs and visitors.