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Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminars
take place on Tuesdays between 2 and 3 PM, in B3.02 (unless otherwise indicated) in the Mathematics Institute.

For further information about Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Seminars, contact the organiser Thomas Jordan. For a list of last years seminars see here.

Term 1

29th August
Michel Dekking (Delft)
Stability in Random Boolean Celluar Automata

12th September
Benoit Saussol (Brest)
Recurrence Rate in Rapidly Mixing Dynamical Systems

3rd October
Mike Todd (Surrey)
Equilibrium States for Interval Maps

10th October
Oliver Jenkinson (Queen Mary)
A Partial Order on x2-Invariant Measures

17th October
Dan Jane (Cambridge)
An Example of how The Ricci Flow can Increase Topological Entropy

20th October
Dmitry Anosov (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow)
On Hyperbolic Diffeomorphisms of the 2-Dimensional Torus
In MS.05

24th October
Leo Butler (Edinburgh)
Topology, Entropy and Integrable Dynamical Systems

31st October
Todd Young (Ohio (visiting Warwick for a year))
Bifurcations in Dynamical Systems with Bounded Random Perturbations

7th November
Paul Glendinning (Manchester)
Chaos and Strange Nonchaotic Attractors

14th November
Jeroen Lamb (Imperial)
Homoclinic Bifurcation with Symmetry

21st November
Richard Miles (East Anglia)
Decomposing Periodic Point Sequences

28th November
Ale Jan Homburg (Amsterdam)
Randomly Perturbed Diffeomorphisms

28th November
Extra Seminar on Algebra/Geometry
Mehrdad Shashahani (IPM-Tehran)
The Uniformization Theorem Revisited
In Room B1.01 at 4pm

5th December
Gavin Band (Liverpool)
When Does the Burau Matrix Reflect the Entropy of a Braid

Term 2

16th January
Oleg Kozlovsky (Warwick)
Rigidity and local connectivity of complex non renormalizable polynomials

23rd January
Jane Hawkins (University of North Carolina)
Sierpinski Carpet Julia sets of Weierstrass P Functions

30th January
Adam Epstein (Warwick)
Twisted Self-Matings of the Basilica

6th February
Stephen Gin (Warwick)
Dynamics of a Piecewise Affine Area Preserving Homeomorphism of the Torus

13th February
Oliver Butterley (Imperial)
Differentiability of SRB Measures for Anosov Flows

20th February
Christian Beck (Queen Mary)
Invariant Densities of Weakly Coupled Chebyshev Maps

27th February
Steffen Winter (Karlsruhe)
Combinatorics of Distance-Doubling Maps and their Relation to Complex Dynamics

6th March
Carlangelo Liverani (Rome)
Fourier Law and Random Walks in Dynamical Environment

13th March
Oscar Bandtlow (Queen Mary)

Term 3

24th April
Sergey Zelik (Surrey)
Dissipative Dynamics in Large and Unbounded Domains

1st May
Sarah Koch (Cornell/Marseille)
Using Teichmuller Theory to Generate Endomorphisms of $\P^n$

8th May
Lasse Rempe (Liverpool)
Escaping Dynamics of Entire Functions

15th May
Parthena Avramidou (Queen Mary)
Convergence of Moving Averages in Ergodic Theory and Real-Variable Harmonic Analysis

22nd May
Catherine Richard (Queen Mary)
Escape From a Semi-Circle and Sturmian Maximising Measures

29th May
Ian Morris (Manchester)
Measures of Maximum Lyapunov Exponent

Friday 1st June at 1.30 pm
John Hubbard (Cornell and Marseille)
Transversality for Spaces of Rational Functions
In B3.03

5th June
Samuel Lelievre (Paris)
Multigeodesic Tessellations of Surfaces