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Permanent Staff

Dr. Claude Baesens
Prof. Dwight Barkley
Prof. Colm Connaught
Dr. Adam Epstein
Dr. Vasilli Gelfreich
Prof. Christopher Jones
Dr. Matthew Keeling
Prof. Robert Kerr
Dr. Markus Kirkilionis
Dr. Oleg Kozlovski
Prof. Robert MacKay
Dr. Anthony Manning
Prof. Vladimir Markovic
Prof. Mark Pollicott
Dr. James Robinson
Prof. Caroline Series
Prof. Colin Sparrow
Prof. Ian Stewart
Prof. Andrew Stuart
Prof. Sebastian van Strien
Prof. Peter Walters


Dr. Philipp Getto
Dr. Bas Lemmens
Dr. Ian Morris


PhD students

Masoumeh Dashti
(Supervisor: Dr James Robinson)
Mirela Domijan
(Supervisor: Dr Markus Kirkilionis)
Andrew Ferguson
(Supervisor: Prof Mark Pollicott) 
Phillip Felton
(Supervisor: Prof Mark Pollicott)
Thomas Kempton
(Supervisor: Prof Mark Pollicott)
Azadeh Khajeh-Alijani
(Supervisor: Dr Claude Baesens)
Ferry Kwakkel
(Supervisor: Prof Sebastian van Strien)
Eleonora Pinto de Moura
(Supervisor: Dr James Robinson)
Jose Romano-Gaivao
(Supervisor: Dr Vassili Gelfreich)
Elvina Rosas
(Supervisor: Prof Ian Stewart)
Thomas Sharland
(Supervisor: Dr Adam Epstein)
Dan Thompson
(Supervisor: Prof Mark Pollicott/Prof Peter Walters)

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