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Workshop April 2010: Dynamics in Games and Economics

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Dynamics in Games and Economics, Warwick 11-13 April 2010.

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Supported by the Institute of Advanced Study at Warwick through their Early Career Vacation School programme and by CODY . Organiser: Sebastian van Strien

This meeting is followed by an EPSRC Symposium Workshop on Game theory for finance, social and biological sciences at Warwick, 14-17 April. If you would like to attend this workshop as well please indicate this on the registration form. To register click here. 


AIM: Game theory is particularly well-placed for building a platform in which to discuss very important issues such as the social coordination required to tackle climate issues, allocating scarce natural resources shortage and so on. The school could help in focusing on aspects of the theory where "players" evolve strategies dynamically. The aim of this school is to study evolutionary games, replicator dynamics, fictitious dynamics and learning behaviour. These topics are of interest to economists (and to biologists) but at the same have mathematical appeal.

The school will consist of a small number of mini-courses which survey various aspect of this field. These mini-courses require no in-depth background knowledge, but will be of a mathematical nature. Speakers include:


Michel Benaïm

Title: Learning processes, dynamical systems and stochastic approximations in games

Christopher Harris

Title: Cycles and Chaos in Fictitious Play

Keywords: TBC

Sergiu Hart

Title: Adaptive Heuristics and Game Dynamics

Subtitle: From Calibration to Regret-Matching -- It Is All a Matter of Approach(ability)

Abstract: Blackwell's approachability, calibrated forecasts, regret-matching, adaptive heuristics, and general dynamics in multi-person interactions

Josef Hofbauer

Title: Evolutionary game dynamics

  1. I: Evolutionary game dynamics
  2. II: Stability of Nash equilibria and cycles
  3. III: Equilibrium selection

Keywords: replicator dynamics, best response dynamics, convergence to equilibrium, cycles, zero-sum games, partnership games, elimination and survival of dominated strategies, equilibrium selection

Florian Wagener

Title: Complex evolutionary systems in behavioral finance (joint work with C. Hommes)


We plan to subsidise accommodation for the first 30 participants, so that participants will be asked a fee (which includes food during the workshop) of

  • £150 which includes accommodation for the first 30 registered participants requiring accommodation for duration of school
  • £100 without accommodation for the remaining participants.

Participants from the CODY network will be reimbursed for all their costs.

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