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Conformal Structures and Dynamics Mid-term Conference

Monday 30 March – Friday 3 April 2009: CODY Marie-Curie network meeting

Organiser: Sebastian van Strien

Scientific Committee: Feliks Przytycki, Michel Zinsmeister

Photographs from Conference

This conference is organised by the CODY Marie-Curie network and will start on Monday morning March 30th. A lunch buffet is offered to participants every day. Please register online. All available accommodation has now been booked and anyone requiring accommodation will need to make their own arrangements. Please send an email to c dot a dot richley at warwick dot ac dot uk if you want to give a talk. A provisional programme has been prepared. Click here for the programme of speakers and titles for talks.

Thursday afternoon and Friday will be devoted to the "Midterm Review Meeting" with two Commission representatives from Brussels: Sylvie Bescos, acting Project Officer and Jean-Paul Brasselet, Project Technical Assistant.

Registered Participants

Kari Astala (Helsinki), Walter Bergweiler (Kiel), Antonio Bisbas (TEI of West Macedonia), Julka Deimling (Keil), Nuria Fagella (Barcelona), Genadi Levin (Hebrew University), Janina Kotus (IMPAN Warsaw); Vlad Markovic (Warwick), Carsten Lunde Petersen (Roskilde), Feliks Przytycki (IMPAN Warsaw), Phil Rippon (Open Univ. UK), Stanislav Smirnov (Geneva), Gwyneth Stallard (Open Univ. UK), Sebastian van Strien (Warwick), Michel Zinsmeister (CNRS, Orleans), Anthony Manning (Warwick) John Osborne (Open Univ. UK), Christopher Penrose (UCL, UK), Duncan Sands (CNRS), Nikita Selinger (Jacobs Uni, Bremen), Grazyna Majchrowska (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)

Registered Participants who are/were ESR fellows of the CODY network (if no longer fellow of the CODY network, then present affiliation is also shown)

Magnus Aspenberg (CNRS, Warsaw, Kiel), Agnieszka Badenska (Warwick, Warsaw), Niklas Brannstrom (Helsinki), Balazs Barany (Warsaw), Albert Clop (Helsinki), Asli Deniz (Barcelona), Neil Dobbs (Warsaw, Sweden), Hugo Duminil-Copin (Geneva), Banerjee Kuntal (CNRS), Ferry Kwakkel (Warwick), Konstantin Izyurov (Geneva), Anja Kabelka (Roskilde), Laurent Marin (Helsinki), Joerg Neunhaeuserer (Greece), Jörn Peter (Barcelona), Irene Inoquio-Renteria (Warsaw), Ludwig Jaksztas (CNRS), Nina Snigireva (Greece), Istvan Prause (Geneve/Helsinki)


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