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Graduate workshop: K3 surfaces and multigraded rings

Time: afternoon Mon 6 April till evening Wed 8 April 2009.
: Room B3.02, Mathematics Insitute, University of Warwick, Coventry.

There will be some financial support for graduate students and help finding accommodation.
There will be a registration fee of GBP 10 for all participants.
Please contact Gavin Brown on if you would like to join in.

Provisional timetable

Mon 6 April 2009

2.00 Katrin Wendland (Augsburg)(1): The real and complex geometry of K3 surfaces.
3.30 Tea
4.00 Daniel Ryder (Bristol) (1): Graded rings and the geometry of cubic surfaces.

Tue 7 April 2009

9.30 Juergen Hausen (Tuebingen)(1): Multigraded rings and Cox rings.
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Daniel Ryder (Bristol) (2): Fano 3-folds, K3 surfaces and anticanonical ring calculations.
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Sarah Davis (Warwick): SL_4 quotients and flops.
3.30 Paul Cadman (Warwick): Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules on the discriminant and their deformations.
4.30 Al Kasprzyk (Kent): Classifying log del Pezzo surfaces.
Evening Dinner: Royal Bengal, Earlsdon, 7.30pm.

Wed 8 April 2009

9.30 Katrin Wendland (Augsburg) (2): How do K3 surfaces star in quantum field theory?
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Juergen Hausen (Tuebingen) (2): Cox rings of del Pezzo and K3 surfaces.
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Martin Bright (Bristol): Arithmetic of K3 surfaces.
3.30 Lisema Rammea (Bath): Monads and spectral sequences.
More talks in the afternoon by graduates if available.

Organisers: Gavin Brown, Sarah Davis, Alexander Kasprzyk, Daniel Ryder.

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