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CODY Workshop on One Dimensional Dynamics and Fractals

13 & 14 May 2009
Organiser: Sebastian van Strien


This small workshop is organised by the CODY Marie-Curie network and will take place on Wednesday afternoon May 13th and Thrusday morning May 14th. A lunch buffet is offered to participants. Please register by contacting Chris Richley at c.a.richley@warwick. All available accommodation has now been booked and anyone requiring accommodation will need to make their own arrangements.


Wednesday 13th May 2009

  • 12.30 Lunch in the Mathematics Common Room
  • 1.30 Viet Hung Nguyen (National Centre of Scientific Research, France), Hausdorff dimension and related subjects
  • 2.30 Luca Marchese (Universitè Paris Sud), The Khintchine theorem for interval exchange transformations
  • 3.30 TEA in the common room
  • 4.00 Charlene Kalle (Utrecht University)
  • 5.00 Kuntal Banerjee (Universitè d'Orlèan) The widths of the Arnol'd tongues and the of contacts of the rational tongues

Thursday 14th May 2009

  • 9.30 Nicolae Mihalache Cierdea (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), Weak hyperbolicity and geometry of Julia sets