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EPSRC Symposium Workshop: Dendrites, Neurones and Networks (DNN)

7-10 June 2010

The conference will bring together leading researchers in the area of theoretical neuroscience working at different scales in neural tissue. The workshop is part of a year-long symposium on the Mathematics of Complexity Science and Systems Biology, funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and held at the Mathematics Institute of the University of Warwick.

The conference registration will be from 10am-11am on Monday the 7th June with the first talk at 11am that day. The conference will close with a lunch around 1pm on Thursday the 10th June. We suggest that non-UK participants would aim to arrive on Sunday evening. UK participants may plan their arrival for Sunday evening or Monday morning. The conference itself will be at the Mathematics Institute.

The final programme and list of abstracts for the talks are now available. The current list of poster abstracts can be found here. If you would like to give a poster at the conference please contact

Invited speakers

Alla Borisyuk - University of Utah, USA
Paul Bressloff - University of Oxford, UK
Nicolas Brunel - University Paris Descartes, France
Carson Chow - NIH, USA
Stephen Coombes - University of Nottingham, UK
Steven Cox - Rice University, USA
Brent Doiron - University of Pittsburgh, USA
Gaute Einevoll - Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Caroline Geisler - Universität Tübingen, Germany
Wulfram Gerstner - EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Bruce Graham - University of Stirling, UK
Ila Fiete - University of Texas at Austin, USA
Vincent Hakim - ENS, Paris, France
David Hansel - Université Paris Descartes, France
Kenneth Harris - Imperial College, London
Benjamin Lindner - MPI for Complex Systems, Germany
Rasmus Petersen - University of Manchester, UK
Mark van Rossum - University of Edinburgh, UK
Arnd Roth - UCL, London, UK
Walter Senn - University of Bern, Switzerland
Frances Skinner - University of Toronto, Canada
Misha Tsodyks - Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


Conference poster (PDF Document) 

There is no registration fee and most meals during the conference will be provided. However, you must register with the Mathematics Institute if you wish to attend. (Please note that travel support for registered participants cannot be promised at this stage.)



Magnus Richardson, Yulia Timofeeva, Nicolas Brunel (Paris), Paul Bressloff (Oxford)

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